Trading Using Doji Candles

Doji candles are important candlesticks that provide crucial information in the financial trading market. If you are a beginner in trading, it is sensible to call all non-trending bars Dojis. There are requirements that are needed for a candle to qualify as a doji. For candles to be referred to as dojis, they should have a small body or a non-existent one. When the body is that small, it means that no bears or bulls had control over the respective period. Basically, the doji is a range that consists of a single candle.

The bodies of dojis portray a different pips amount in varying time frames. This means that at some point, the dojiBars might be small and represent about 50 pips but the same size can represent a completely different thing. You need to be keen when interpreting these dojis. Also, keep in mind that perfection is rare in financial market trading.

Doji Candles

Most successful traders suggest that there is no value in classifying the small body candles into different groups such as hanging pan, hammer or any other category when trading. The best way to approach this is to determine whether the market you are trading is ranging or trending. They should also check to see if it is moving in distinct downward or upward trading movements. Another important factor is to check the strength of the trend.

Dojis Can Be Considered Climaxes in Trading

In most price action movements there are two main possibilities. The price might have moved upwards too fast and too far. This creates a buying climax and is mostly followed by a movement reversal. It can also go down and reverse upwards. This is how the selling climax is created. If you have been in the financial trading market, you should know that climaxes do not necessarily signify a reversal.  This simply means that the prices action might have been moving too far too fast. This results in a sideways movement. The movement is based on the bulls trying to push the prices upwards and bears trying to bring the prices down. Markets will only be trading in a range for a short period of time. They can also enter into long narrow ranges. Dojis bars are made up of the sideways trade. This is why they should be considered 1-candle ranges followed by some non-trending candles.

Doji Candles

You should always remember that dojis do not necessarily mean favorable entry points. These are simply 1 candle trading ranges. In ranging markets, it is important to avoid selling above the low or buying above their highs. When the dojis are close to the bottom or top of a range, they can be deemed to be good signals. This is because the price action is likely to be a rebound. You can use the highs and the lows to open reversal position when trading.

Dojis: Trending Indicators

Individual dojis suggest that there is equilibrium in the market. This is because the bears and the bulls are matched. If there is a succession of doji bars, trending is existent. For instance doji bars trending upwards indicate that there is a buildup of buying pressure. On a higher time frame, this trend is viewed as a bull trend candle. One of the most important things to note is the imperfection of dojis. This is because there are candles with small bodies that might act as dojis. While this happens, perfect dojis might be forming trends in a different trading scenario. For instance, there might be a very strong trend with many dojis that look perfect when you are trading. This can be contradicting especially when you consider their definition and relation to trading. There is also a possibility that small candle bars with small bodies can act like dojis. Trending movements should, therefore, be closely observed.

Understanding Doji Bars in Trading

The candlestick chart was created by a Japanese rice trader. It was later made popular by Charles Dow. In the candlestick pattern, there are formations referred to as dojis. Trending patterns may have the situation where the opening and closing of stocks are the same. The doji bars look like crosses or a plus sign on the chart. This is because they have very small bodies and sometimes lack a body.

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The main reason these doji bars exist is the fact that sellers and buyers are matched. This means that there are no movements in the price action. This can also mean that buyers and sellers are gaining momentum to push a certain trend. It is important to understand doji bars. Trending doji patterns with these bars can help traders in identifying potential price action breakouts. When you understand the price action through analysis of candle bars & trending doji bars, you will be in a better position to trade successfully.

Dojis And Price Action Trading

Price action trading is all about the analysis of the movement of prices in the market. This trading method mostly ignores the value and only focuses on the history of prices. In simple terms, price action is the change of price, the action it takes. Price action can therefore be described as trading that depends on the movement of prices in the past to predict their direction in future. This is made easier in trading by the use of price action and these bars. Trending doji bars are known to provide information on important points of opening or closing when trading.

Doji bars, trending doji pattern, external factors and price action are some of the most important aspects when trading in the financial market. Though the price action cannot be entirely depended upon for successful trading, it can be useful when working with the other factors. It does not matter which market you are in, price action will always be an important factor. Before you start trading, you are advised to look at the trending patterns and the history of the price. This is the price action.


It is very important to differentiate between candles with small bodies and dojis. This will greatly depend on the position of the price action. Understanding doji bars, trending doji and non-trending doji will help you determine if the bears or the bulls have control. Trading in any market is easier when you know the price action and can read candlestick charts for better trading.


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