Spectrum 7 Review: Scam System Not Worth!

Spectrum 7 Review!!

Spectrum 7 Software is a new software scam in the binary options market. The spectrum 7 app is quickly spreading online based on the aggressive marketing they are doing. This is why we decided to investigate it and write this review before they scam many honest traders who are not aware of the agenda of the software.  Looking at the promotional video, we can understand why some traders will fall for spectrum 7. This video is convincing and will tempt many traders into joining the spectrum7.co fraud. Fortunately, this spectrum7 review will expose all the lies hidden behind this spectrum 7 website.

It is important that you read the spectrum 7 review before you decide to deposit your money and lose it all to the criminals behind this software. They have designed this software to steal money from traders and all your deposit will disappear into thin air faster than you earned it. The problem is that they are putting a lot of efforts in the marketing and this means they will reach many traders around the world. It pays to first learn about an investment opportunity before involving your money. Things are not any different in the binary options market.

The Truth About Spectrum7 Scam

Though they will not tell you this, the spectrum 7 app does not work. They will not tell you this because no one would deposit their money.  There will be profits made but they will be in form of money stolen from traders. The only people who will be making any money are the criminals who created the spectrum 7 site. You should, therefore, be aware that this is a dirty fraud with promises that attempt to convince you to make a deposit.

Spectrum 7 Scam review

Who Owns Spectrum 7 System?

There is a man by the name Derek Folsom who says that he is the head developer of the spectrum7 scam. Our spectrum 7 review investigators dug a little bit deeper to find out who this man is. This man claims that he is the lead developer of the spectrum 7 software. He goes ahead to provide a snapshot of his trading account to peddle more lies. If you have enough information about this industry, you will not have a difficult time identifying the scams such as the spectrum7.co site. This is why we insist that you learn all the basics of the trade.

Here is the disturbing information; according to our spectrum 7 review results, this man has been seen on other similar frauds. This is a clear indication that he is a fiverr.com actor hired by criminals to trick binary options traders into depositing money. How can Derek Folsom claim to be a lead developer for the Spectrum7 app and also appear in other scam sites. The explanation is that he is a good actor who gets multiple jobs. we have no problem with any site using an actor, what we have a problem with is the actor claiming to be what he is not.

How Does The Spectrum 7 System Work?

According to the information on the spectrum7.co website, this software is 100% automatic and achieves 100% winning rate. We would like to say that this is impossible. There is no way a robot or a human binary options trader can achieve this kind of accuracy. This is because the financial market is controlled by many different factors that make 100% prediction accuracy a difficult affair. A claim that trading will be without losing is way out of line and a big lie.

The plain truth is that the software does not work. Any information that says otherwise on this app is part of the fraud. They will say anything to show you that it works but it simply doesn’t. Another disturbing thing is that the system is alleged to have some algorithms that will enable the 100% winning. They will not explain how these algorithms work exactly and this is why we believe that this is a dirty scam.

So, How Much Will You Be Making?Spectrum 7 Scam Review

To be honest, you will not make anything using this system. They will promise a lot of money just to tell you that you will be rich in a short period of time.  Most people who are conned are binary options traders who want to get rich fast. According to the information on the spectrum7.co, this system can make you about $796 per day.

If the system has 100% accuracy, why would there be a limit. There is some contradiction where Folsom says that he has already made about 137 million from this software within the last 4 years.  The truth is that this system has just existed for a short period and could not have been in use for 4 years. Most scammers claim to have been in business longer to add credibility. You will not make the promised millions because this is not a working legit system.

Testimonials and Endorsements Scam Review

Spectrum 7 Scam Review

We always look for testimonials to find out what other people are saying about the system. In our spectrum7 review, we found testimonials of people who claim to be binary options traders who have made money. The problem is that these people are not real traders; they are like Mr. Folsom who is a hired actor. If this system was legit, why would they need to hire actors to provide testimonials?

If the system made money, there would be endorsements and support from professional traders and reputable organizations in this industry. How comes the system which makes money does not have support from binary options traders in the market. This means that people are avoiding the spectrum7 scam like a plague.

Spectrum7 Review Conclusion

There are many different frauds in the market which is why you need to be careful. The best place to start is to learn all the basics that will help you identify the fraudulent sites such as the spectrum 7. If you are new in this market, stay away from spectrum 7 scam software to avoid losing your money.

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