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satisfaction guarantee

If you signed up for any BINARY OPTIONS AUTO-TRADER on THIS SITE or our YOUTUBE channel, within the last 90 days and you are not happy with the results, we will give you FREE access to Mike’s Facebook trading Signals group !!


We value our readers, viewers and want to make sure you are setup for success from the get go with binary options trading. If you signed up using our links (YouTube channel has our links as the first link in the video description) for the auto-traders, even the ones we warned you against, we want to help establish and assure you have a fall back plan if you are not happy with the results.

If you have an existing broker account, you can use that with Mike’s Facebook Signals group. No need to register for new broker account. If you do not have a broker account, you can review our Top Recommended brokers to pick one. To qualify for this 90 day offer, all you need do is send an email support@binaryoptionseliteclub.com the moment you sign up an offer from this site or YouTube channel. Send us your Name, AutoTrader and the Date you funded the account you signed up for. In the next 90 days, if the auto trader is not performing per your expectation, just send us an email to redeem. We will provide you FREE access to Mike’s Private group where you can follow the suggested Signals from the top admins and traders in this community.

This offer is applicable ONLY if you signed up from THIS SITE or our YouTube channel!

Day 1: Send email to support@binaryoptionseliteclub.com with Subject EC GUARANTEE –  REGISTER“. Include your Name, Auto-trader, Date funded the account.

Day 2-90: Days 2 through 90, if you are not happy with the performance of the autotrader, send us an email to support@binaryoptionseliteclub.com with SubjectEC GUARANTEE – REDEEM“. We will give you FREE access to the private Facebook group.

If you have already registered for any auto-trader using THIS SITE or YouTube link in the past, we will still honor this guarantee for verified members. Send us an email support@binaryoptionseliteclub.com with your Name, Auto-trader and the exact date when you funded the account. We will validate and provide your FREE access to the private group.

Mike’s Facebook Signals Group

Mike’s Facebook Signals group is one of the leading signal services. Members of this community are benefiting in every way by following the lead traders and admins. They learn new strategies and also most importantly, learn how NOT to lose money. It’s better to not get into a trade than LOSE your money. You will learn these money management strategies, trading disciplines besides the trading signals. Here are some of the posts from the Private group so you can preview the sort of activities in this community. NOTE: these are unsolicited opinions, posts, comments from the members. Michael Freeman is the owner of this Private facebook group.

admin stats

The top admins stats are published weekly so all members in the community are aware of the ITM performance. It’s outstanding stats! 81%, 76%, 73%, 72% – these kind of winning success rates makes this group very successful and end of the day, members make profit. It cannot get better than that. Michael Freeman awards bonuses for the top performers. This is besides all the profits the admins make. Michael Freeman is always open to acquiring new talents as well.

Look at what members have to say:

profit4 profit3 profit2


members saying

learning from admins



account up2

account up

account up 20perc

tevin performance

tevin itm perc

snir2 100perc

snir 100perc2

snir3 100perc

rene4 87perc

rene3 100perc

rene 100perc

rene 80perc

This group also conducts weekly trading educational seminars. This is to share and learn new trading strategies. The admins share what they look for in charts when they scout for winning signals. This is a paid service, community members pay the admins directly for sharing valuable knowledge. We highly recommend and endorse Mike’s Facebook Signals group. We are one of their community members and use their signal services.


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