Safe Income Inc Scam Review

Safe Income Inc software launched today. It is refreshing to see an auto trader not claiming to make you a millionaire overnight. Albert J. Henderson is upfront and honest about that in this pitch page. We have been keeping an eye on the Safe Income Inc Software news and rumors for weeks now, collecting as much as information before their launch. Read this comprehensive Safe Income Inc review to analyze our findings if this scam or not before considering signing up for this Signal service.


May 26, 2016: Update

There seems to be an issue with Safe Income Inc software, not just an occasional issue. It is unable to sync with the broker account for almost all new registrations. Cautioning anyone considering signing up for Safe Income Inc trading system. Consider to pick any other binary options auto trader from Elite Club’s updated Top signals service. Neo2 software, Binadroid or CopyBuffett are Elite club’s members choice.

Neo2 Testing update

Binadroid Testing Results review


Safe Income Inc Scam Review: Overview

Over the decade, the Safe Income software has been guiding everyday people in making profits online. In 2015, Safe Income Software decided to broaden their reach and offer this services globally. They help general public make daily profits with their system. Not the get rich quick or a millionaire system! Consider how it may apply to you – pocket money, supplement income, extra savings, etc. Safe Income Inc is an auto trader, can be setup 100% to automatically trade for you. If unfamiliar with auto traders, let us give provide a brief summary.

Auto traders are trading software that will assess and evaluate BUY and SELL signals in stock exchanges. Autotraders can be setup with simple steps and it will trade on your behalf. With the binary options, it will look for stock, indices, commodities and foreign currencies based on your setup. The app will allow you to setup up the risk level, investment amount and time frame you would like to trade for. It is applicable for both conservative or aggressive investments. There are no setup fees for auto trading. People with busy schedule who do not have time to sit infront of their computers to trade all day or do not possess technical knowledge to read BUY SELL indicators, consider auto trading to be good alternative. For those who prefer manual trading, that option is available as well. So you are covered either way.

The Safe Income Inc Scam Review: video

 Safe Income Inc Profit Potential

With the Safe Income Inc app, Albert Henderson claims this system to bring in safe, consistent income potential weekly. Anywhere from $500 – $1000 weekly averages about $710 from the trades he has brought in for his members. We will publish trading videos in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned. In our testing, we are seeing a range of 71%-84% ITM with the Safe Income Inc averaging $700 profit. That is a significant and a good profit considering it is fully automated. This result is consistent with our other Top signals auto traders which make anywhere from 70% – 86% ITM. ITM = In the Money = Winning Trades. OTM = Out of the Money = Losing Trades. On the other hand, scam auto traders only perform around 40%-50%. It is not worth the investment in such performances to see the broker account shrink fast and quick. If any auto trading companies claim 100% win rate, turn around and run. They are most probably a scam, as in lies. This is no way there are any algorithms out there in the binary options to trade with that kind of accuracy. Ask for audit records or proofs to back up their claim. We will 100% guarantee there will be no record or proof from the swindlers.

How much does Safe Income Software cost?

The trading app has a 30 day trial period. After the trial period, 5% of the profits goes to the Safe Income Inc company if you choose to continue using the software. This is a commission based license providing an opportunity to try the software performance before investing more. We suggest to only deposit the minimum amount needed by the broker account for the trial period. That way you are not subjecting yourself to a bigger investment risk and err on the safer side.

Registration Process


Registering for the Safe Income Software is simple and straight forward. Follow these steps. DO NOT register for broker account before registering for the software. We have received many email inquires after the traders open the broker account wanting to register for the app. Create new broker account through the software is the part of registration process so both the accounts can be linked. This is the only way to enable the auto trading. If you have existing account with the same broker, that account cannot be linked to the Safe Income software because it is already in use.
  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to clear cookies and cache to ensure successful synchronization between the broker registration and auto trading software. This is very critical step. This is also to ensure you are not transmitting any unnecessary data from your device. If you are unsure about this step, email us at 
  2. Visit to enter your email and name. Use legitimate information since the broker will need to validate your identity for withdrawal from the broker account.
  3. In members page, choose a password, enter Phone number. Click Register.
  4. A broker is chosen based on the trading regulations in your location.
  5. Deposit funds into the account. The normal minimum required deposit is $250, but each broker may have their own requirements.
  6. Choose Auto Trading or Manual Trading.
  7. Withdraw money per broker’s requirement.
 The Safe Income Inc software
The Safe Income Inc Software Trading Platform

Safe Income Inc Review: Conclusion

The company has been around for a decade and recently broadening their horizon. Our experience with the Safe Income software has been positive one so far. Safe Income Inc is a legitimate software. With realistic profit expectations on the binary options trading, we will bring in further updates in a week or sooner. Subscribe to our newsletter on the right side, so updates are delivered directly to your inbox. Follow us on Social Media: YouTube, Google+ or LinkedIn.
If unsure of the binary options trading, open up FREE demo account with a broker to try your hand in trading before investing real money. Check out brokers that offer free demo accounts.

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