Quick Cash Method is a viral SCAM – Warning Review!

Quick Cash Method is a trading software in binary options. The man behind this trading scam is Michael Thompson. He promises a great deal of things that are absurd and impossible to deliver. After our review research, we discovered a number of discrepancies and suspicious elements that make it a scam. Investing in binary options is a good idea but you should do your best to avoid this scam. This review shows why this money making opportunity is a lie. It is nothing more than a plan to steal your money.

Official website: QuickCashMethod.net

Quick Cash Method Scam Review: The Man Behind The Scam

Michael Thompson claims to be the founder of the trading method that will earn you thousands in binary options he says that he is an elite trader with 8 figures of yearly earning. It is true binary options can make you money, but not in volumes claimed by this website. If he was such a successful trader, we believe that he would be a popular person. There would be stories of his success all over the internet. Unfortunately, there is nothing about him in connection with successful trading.


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Quick Cash Method Scam Review; How It Works

According to the information provided, the system is all about copy trading. It is simple, after you register, you have access to an online platform. The video on the site has a presentation that shows the live session of this platform. The Quickcashmethod.net is supposed to provide financial signals. He claims that he sits all day observing the market and providing signals. We observed that there are multiple signals popping up simultaneously. The question is how he does this alone. Though humans can multi-task, it is impossible to post about 10 signals at the same time.

You can register on the platform and have a look at the trades. The truth is that there are no logical signals because this is a scam ready to steal your money. During our review research, we observed the video and the platform. We found a lot of fake information and misleading details. The creators depend on people who do not research and are looking for a get rich quick scheme. At some point, the presenter says that auto trading software cannot make you rich. The confusing thing is that he still offers auto trading on this site.

Quick Cash Method Scam Review: Testimonials and Endorsements

Just like most scam platforms trying to con unsuspecting victims, there is no one supporting Quick Cash Method. Most Quick Cash Method scam review show that this is nothing but a fraud. There are a lot of Quick Cash Method scam reviews from traders who have tried using this platform.

Quick Cash Method

As for the testimonials, there is nothing out of the quickcashmethod.net website. As you can expect, all testimonials on the site are fabricated. The perfect example is the testimonials from Martin and Paulin. The scammers show their bank accounts with about $500,000. He then goes ahead to explain how these people made the money in about 3 months. Again, binary options can make you money but not this fast, especially when trading minimum amounts.

The Live Session

The most outstanding proof that this is a scam is the live session example.  Michael Thomson opens his account which has $250. He then places about 7 trades while he keeps talking. The suspicious thing is that he pauses the trades and comes back when the results are in. We are experienced traders and we went to the trade details. What we found was quite a surprise. The screen shot below shows the trades and the reason why we consider quickcashmethod.net a scam.

Quick Cash Method

If you closely look at the trade, you will realize that everything is fabricated.  The creators of this platform are also lazy because they did not take their time to make the trades look real. Most of the trades that have been marked as won were actually lost.


Most scam platforms have promises of huge profits. With this scam, the first promise is that you can make up to $5795 a day. Michael Thompson goes ahead to say that if you do not make this amount you will receive $5000. These promises are consistent in fraudulent platforms. The main goal is to make you feel like the platform is the Holy Grail and it will make you lots of money. The promise of receiving $5000 if you do not make the promised amount is a lie. If this is the case, everyone would rather not try to hit the target to receive the $5000.

It is possible Michael is a hired actor reading a script to try and convince unsuspecting traders to invest their money. Once you deposit your hard earned cash, you will never get it back. You will not get any profits. Scammers make it difficult for traders to trace their cash by using offshore accounts. The communication channels do not work and any effort to talk to them will be in vain. This further makes the process of getting your money back difficult. Remember these platforms are created by criminals and they will do anything to hide behind actors and a lot of senseless information. If you understand binary options, you will see right through the QuickCashMethod.net scam. It is important to go through this method scam reviews for more information.

Quick Cash Method Scam Review: Conclusion

After reading this review, we realize that the Quick Cash Method is a scam!! If you deposit your money, you are guaranteed to lose it all. Binary options can help you earn extra income but this does not mean thousands in a day. It is logic to make a few hundreds in a week but not millions in a few months. The scam artist will do anything in their power to con you including writing a review. This review will be positive to counter any other unbiased negative review online. If you are interested in binary options trading, you should find a legit broker. This is the only way to make money without risking losing all of your investment.  We advise all traders to stay away from Quickcashmethod.net because it is one big scam. Similarly, other binaryoptions scams we busted recently: Safe Guard Trader scam, NesDekApp Scam, NavStar Trader and Quantum Code scam. Subscribe to our newsletter (to the right) so you can be informed as we post new scam reviews.

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