Proven Profits Scam

Rob Morrison’s account ending with 4753 is back! On this Proven Profits scam he started off with $350. I can’t believe the scammers have been recycling the same account number, same fake person, same broker for different scam schemes. Take a look at Alex’s posts on 3 week millionaire scam review and The 50k mission scam review. Both of these review have Rob Morrison with account number 4753. This is beyond hilarious to me, unless you are a victim then it’s not hilarious at all losing money to these fraudulent companies. Alright let’s review this binary options autotrader and see if it is any good platform beyond this glitch.

Proven Profits Scam Review

Proven Profits scam review Proven Profits review

Matt Baker, the CEO of, reviewed basics of binary options trading. But it’s not without hard work. Binary options is not a gamble. You as a trader need to understand the fundamentals of the underlying asset and any price reactions to the external variables. Like you would if you buy any of the public stocks – Apple, Google, Oracle, etc. You predict the future price if it is going to go up or down given how well the company is doing. Similarly you need to understand the economic variables that might impact EUR or USD currencies or Gold price. Based on that, you decide what asset you want to trade. A reliable autotrader service can provide you signals for those assets to enter the trades. But let me be clear; the profits are not going to be as crazy as how this is being represented here in this binary options autotrader. Profits are realistic – it could be a 70-80% payout. So I don’t believe that a $350 account can turn into $26,830.50 by the end of the day. Phil Harris, another fake person, started with $250 and ended with $17,467 “by clicking the mouse couple of times in the morning”. Give me a break, I call it BS! They did not show in the video that it all happened in a day. Similar trend with 3 week millionaire. They never showed that it’s one day’s return. So why should I believe this scam marketing any differently?

Look at George Cook’s binary options account below. On top it says “App Dashboard – Deposit Funds & Activate Your App!” but we already see $250 as account balance. That’s mystery to me why the status would say that when there’s balance already. Perhaps that $250 that they showed few seconds ago was a demo account. That’s my story and I am sticking to it unless you have an explanation for this contradiction. I would like to hear, contact me below.

Proven Profits review Proven Profits scam review

Proven Profits Review

By the way, Matt Baker has a nice voice, he could probably apply for becoming a voice-over actor in Fiverr. Who knows he probably is already. Another truth in the video was that with any autotrader you will need a broker account and initial deposit. That’s legit! This video made me wonder. So what’s the deal. Software is free, broker account with minimum deposit, etc. Where are they making money? I didn’t see any commissions part. So where are they making money? Answer: from you, from your deposit – it will become theirs. Proven Profits trading bot is to get all your deposit money and you are not going to see it.

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It’s sad that for many of the new binary options traders entering into this field, it is disheartening to see all these scam schemes to navigate through. I truly hope that they get to read credible resources before it is too late. Share our reviews with anyone you know who is interested in trading binary options. Keep an eye out on our blacklist for review on scam schemes. There are reliable signals service in the industry to make trade in binary options.

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