Profit Trigger SCAM Review

Warning, if anyone registers with Profit Trigger they will be guaranteed to end up in jail!! How you ask? Because it is technically stealing. Based on the description this no-name-voice-over informed in the video presentation explained how Profits Trigger software is designed to work, it is clearly deemed illegal. We have uncovered, end to end all the scam in this Profit Trigger review so be sure to read fully before investing in this corrupt, illegal binary options trading software. By the way, although the voice over did not introduce himself, we did find the person who had the YouTube uploaded. Roman Hill is behind the video presentation. But there is no online footprint of Roman Hill. For lack of ownership, we consider Roman Hill the owner for now until anyone else bring us more information. Read on…

Official website: ProfitTrigger Trading Software

Scam #1: Profit Trigger – “deduction” from FOREX

Profit Trigger Scam Review

How does work? The voice-over or Roman Hill explained that based on the $5.3 in the Forex market, he saw an opportunity to make money online. The Profits Trigger program “deducts” 0.00000000001% from every second or third transaction from the Forex market. Roman Hill quoted:

This is all ridiculously small amount, impossible to trace by anyone!

The Profit Trigger App only trades stocks and currencies in the Forex market. Roman Hill has been using this binary options trading system for about 6 months now. He profits $30k every month. Along with him, there are 16 other members trading as well. But for about 3 months. Along with him, plus 16 other members using this software, Roman Hill can only admit 33 people now. With all the profit splits, a tester will get $1060 daily. Currently, members can test it for free. This is a 1 year trial period. After that, the trading app has a $2500 annual license fees.

Ok first things first. What is this “deducting” business? Whaaaat?!!! That is technically stealing! To top it off he calls it legal? That is not legal in ANY country! Just because he says he has registered the program legally, it cannot become a legal business. That brings us to the next suspicious element in this Profit Trigger detailed review.

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Scam #2: Website registration

Profit Trigger Review

The domain is registered only in April 2016. The no-name-voice-over or Roman Hill mentioned that he had 16 members already using this system for the last 3 months. And himself for the last 6 months. How can they use a system that has been only registered last month been in use for the past 6 months? That does not make any sense at all. Very Fishy!

Scam #3: No CEO or designer

The CEO, founder, co-founder, designer of system is unknown. The video of this presentation is uploaded on YouTube by one Roman Hill. Is he the man behind this software, not sure. Not only are they unknown but the voice-over discussed stealing .0000000001% from the Forex Transactions. That does make sense now to them withholding their identity because they would be ending up in prison for breaking the law of stealing. How confident would anyone be in investing in this binary options trading app with all these shady business – concept of stealing and unknown management? Beware of Scam!

Scam #4: Fake countdown

Profit Trigger Review

In the presentation, they said there are 33 spots left. When we began to view the presentation, it started going down. The countdown stopped when 2 spots were left. But clear the cache and reload the page, you will see the countdown reset. It starts all over again. This is about creating the artificial sense of urgency. A lot of new binary options traders take this seriously, unaware of this dirty old trick.

Scam #5: Type of Assets Profit Trigger trade

Profit Trigger Scam Review

Roman Hill mentioned that ProfitTrigger trades currency and stock in the portfolio. But we saw indices and commodities too in the trading history. Do you see DOW, NASDAQ in the above screenshot? So which is true, just currencies and stocks?? Anyone know what “DUBAI” is? We are not familiar.

Profit Trigger Scam Review: Community Opinion

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Binary Options Sheriff says:

The Binary Option Sheriff feels strongly for innocent traders being scammed. This is the reason why we take time out and review potential threats to the Binary Options Industry.  If you came to this page in the hope of really making $1060 per day from the Profit Trigger app, we are very sorry to have to dash your hopes in this scam review.  We conclude that the Profit Trigger System is Scam!

Binary Options Opportunity says:

When you think closely about what you have heard in the Profit Trigger software presentation it actually does not make sense, and Mr “no name” is actually contradicting himself during his own pitch video. On the one hand he is telling you that this is a legitimate way of doing things, and a sure way to make profit, however on the other hand, he informs you that he has to keep the group small otherwise he will raise suspicion to his activities. Now if that doesn’t tell you to stay away from the Profit Trigger scam, we don’t know what will.

Profit Trigger Review: Conclusion

Who wants to end up in jail? Not us! We want to caution everyone considering to register with this binary options trading app. From all the things that we saw and researched, Profit Trigger software is highly suspicious of illegal activity, putting them on high SCAM alert! Do not take our word for it, do your own research before you become the victim of this scam. Other scams that we reviewed this week includes:

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So many scam auto trading software are in the market. New traders, be safe with money and investments. It is best practice to start trading with DEMO account first before investing with real money. Most of the binary options brokers will provide demo accounts. Once familiar with strategies, you can look to invest in other trading software.

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