Profit Ball Review – $7000-a-week Fake Trading Bot?

Profit Ball Scam Review

Profit Ball Software is a new trading robot that is promising traders a great deal of money. According to the website, the profit ball software is free to use. This trading robot is supposed to be an auto trading app that does everything for the traders once it is turned on. The only things you are supposed to give them are testimonies or screenshots showing how profitable the profit ball is. Luckily, our investigators decided to have a look at the profitball software and collect information that led to the profit ball review. If you have come across this scam, read this profit ball review to understand why it is a scam.

If you are a new financial market trader, it is important to learn all that needs to be learned before you start trading. This will save you a great deal of money that might otherwise be stolen by scam artists. Our work is to make sure that we expose these frauds in the profit ball review as they appear and this scam system is not any different. We will look at all the suspicious elements that we came across in our investigation and expose them to help trader escape this dangerous scam.

Who Owns Profit ball Software?

Profit ball scam review

In our review investigations, we always want to know who the owner of the profitball system is. In this case, we came across two people, Joshua Ethan, a financial analysts and designer and Terry Mason a co-designer and sports enthusiast. These are the people who are supposed to have created this ‘amazing’ sport system that makes stock traders a lot of money. We did not just take the websites’ words, we investigated further to find out who Joshua Ethan and Terry mason are. Unfortunately, the only time we came across Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan is when we came across information related to the website.

If the people supposed to be creators of the system are not real, how can the system in question be real? We have seen this kind of tactic in the financial market where the scammers make up some names and say that they are the people behind the system in question. If the app was legit, the creators would proudly reveal their faces and names and take all credits. If they are hiding behind a website and some made up characters, there must be a good reason why.

How Does The Profit Ball Work?

Profit ball scam review

The information on the site states that this trading robot analyzes major events around the world and finds stocks that will go up. As a result, the system invests in these stocks before the sales start and this is how the huge profits are realized. Allegedly, this app has consistently made profits in the past 4 years. Well, we did not find the explanation satisfactory. They are just playing with words to confuse traders into thinking that this is the best thing that happened to them. A legit system will take the audience through a step-by-step explanation of how it works and the algorithms used.

How Much Will You Make?

The information provided on the profit ball scam site is that traders will be making over $7000 every week. This is just a way of attracting traders before stealing from them. If this was the case, this system will be the Holy Grail for all traders. Making over $30,000 every month is not something that goes unnoticed in the financial world. It is common for scam artists to use high profits to attract traders who are not aware of the amount of money they stand to win.

Profit ball review scam

More Disturbing Elements

As we have mentioned above, they say that the profitball system has made a lot of money in the past 4 years. To be precise, they claim that profitball has managed to make over 6.4 million dollars in this period. Well, we always do our homework and this includes finding out when the website was registered. In our simple search, we found out that profitball was only registered on 6th of February 2017. This means that the system is only a month old by the time we write this review. We do not understand is how they could have been making money before they even existed. This is why you should read review posts before you decide to invest your money.

Profit Ball Scam Review Registration

Profit ball review scam

You are required to register with your name and email and you will be directed to a video presentation on the profitball member’s area. This app is linked to a broker where you are supposed to deposit $250. There is a gift traders are supposed to get after signing up. This is in form of getting your deposit double. The problem is that this is a catch. When you accept such a bonus, your money will be tied and you will not be able to withdraw it when you want. You will need to meet some requirements that will take time before fulfilling.

The sad part is that you do not get the name of the broker and you will not be in control of your money. This bonus trick is common and chances are that they are buying time to steal your money. It is important to avoid any bonuses especially if you are a new trader. Since you do not know the broker, you will not know if the broker is regulated or not.

Testimonials and Endorsements

In the profit ball video presentation, there are people pretending to be traders and positively portraying this system. The truth is that these are actors hired to confuse new traders. If profit ball was legit, they would not need fabricated testimonials. We did not see any endorsements in our scam review and this means this is a dirty scam.

Profit ball Review Conclusion

According to our findings in this scam review, the profit ball scam is designed to steal money from honest traders. If you are new in this market take your time to read review posts to be in a better position to avoid such Scam sites.

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