Mega Profix Scam Review

Mega Profix is a mega binary options SCAM! Nothing seems normal to me about this marketing. He is right, it is a “stupid” method because it is not real. It screams SCAM! He has some sad story to tell though before he started Mega Profix. Reminded me of my corporate days and seeing people leave the company, some on their own and some were made. He got me side tracked there for a minute during this scam review. But other than that, MegaProfix is a pure binary options scam.  Let’s review this Mega Profix software and his claims, I will prove it to you.

Mega Profix Software Scam Review

scam review review the scam

Brad Richardson, the founder and creator of software went to Columbia university, majored in Finance and thereafter worked in banking industry. He partnered up with his ex-colleague, Jeremy, to design and release this software after he got fired for helping some old lady. Nice touch there, Brad Richardson. I wonder how does bank’s secret money making strategy apply to binary options industry? Although they share the same finance industry, does not necessarily translate well to binary options. If you know what I mean. Must be proprietary information for Mega Profix because he did not go over that, not even a glimpse or mention of it. Ofcourse it is still a secret (wink, wink). He said they are deciphered, packed Easy on the software. 50 beta testers made $780k profit after one week, $3.9M in one month. But only for the “next 10 minutes” Brad is opening up the secret for us. I left the browser open for a few hours and looks like “10 minutes” is more like there was no time expiration.

With software, you can make 6 or 7 figures by working only 20 minutes a day. The platform is a slick design and runs on autopilot. Those two must be paid actors. Their success stories were vague and didn’t share results. At this point of time, looks like just a hoax. On the screen, did you see “Sara earned $4895.44”? You will see that until the end and then reload the page again, you will see Sara earning that once more. Jori joined the trading robot and so did Sean V. They keep joining though every time I reload the page and earn the same amount. Weird (that was sarcasm, people!)

Did he say “No push button, get rich BS” but that is exactly what this looks like. “These secrets have helped my clients $645,875 in only 1 month” – he missed a verb there on the screen. Closely listening to it, he said “rake in”. This binary options software does not need any training, with ZERO online experience you can make such money. Now wait a minute. Is that $645,875 for 10,000 clients or just one client? That’s just unrealistic to me. Do you know how much $645,875 makes for one day? $29,358. Since Forex market is open 24 hours, in one hour that is $1223. $1223 PER HOUR. Makes me think what I make creating this scam review LOL

The below “Seen on CNN, BBC…” will fool people if not cautious. It is a false claim, we reviewed. They did not appear in CNN or BBC or what network channel. Notice, their Mega Profix software Facebook has only 3 likes for a software that broke the record of 1.9 million in a single hour. Do you believe that?

Scam Review

scam review review the scam

Anyone scammed by Mega Profix software, we would like to hear below so more binary options traders do not fall for it. First off, sorry to hear; second feel free to subscribe to our newsletter so we can provide market information. In the binary options industry, it helps to sort out reliable, credible information. We have signals service and brokers that we keep in close contact and with clean record.


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