Knievel Money Review – $1000 a month? Real or Scam?

Knievel Money Scam Review

Knievel Money app is a new scam in the binary options market targeting unsuspecting traders. This knievel money review will expose all the fraudulent elements we came across in our scam review investigation. This system is presented by a man by the name Jason Evans and has nothing to offer but stress and misery. If you are a trader, you should not trust what Jason Evans has to say. This is because everything on the site is created to trick traders into depositing money. They will steal everything you deposit soon after them one shows in their account.

Binary Options is a good market with potential money making opportunities. Scam sites like the are giving this market a bad name because they are stealing from new traders. These frauds target traders who have no idea what the binary market is all about. They use tricks and deception to convince them to deposit money then steal it. If you have come across the Knievel money software, it is important that you read this scam review to understand why we have labeled it a scam. This is why it is important that you learn all the basics of the market to identify scam sites.

Knievel Money scam review

Why We Think Knievel Money Is A Scam

From the look of the site, we can tell that this is a lame system. If the knievel money system was legit, we believe they would have a better-looking website. Legit systems in this market invest in a website that looks like someone really spent time working on it. The lame website we saw is similar to the many other scam sites we have written review posts on. Another element we noticed is the lame presentation video. This is a video with a voiceover with a voiceover actor probably from You will not see a real person in the video and this is a bit suspicious.

Most fraudulent sites do not have images of videos with the actual owners of the system. They use actors who say that they are the CEOs or founders of the software. In this case, we hear a guy called Jason Evans. If the app was legit, like they claim, we believe that the person who created the system would be everywhere taking credits. We are not saying using an actor is wrong because it might be essential in presenting the system better. What we are against is the actor claiming to be the owner of the system. If you ever come across a scam with a lame website and a fishy presentation, just exit because you might lose all your money.

How Much Do You Stand To Make?

Well, the system will not make you a single cent. This is because, as we have said, it is a scam. The only people making money here are the people behind this system. They will, therefore, use all tricks and tactics to convince you to deposit your money so that they can steal it. These tricks include telling you that you will make a great deal of money within a short period of time.

Knievel Money scam review

Jason Evans is claiming that you will be making $1000 every 10 minutes. This is supposed to be from the $250 you deposit. This is impossible in this financial market and if you can do it even once, then it should be a remarkable achievement. To achieve this kind of profits, you will need to trade 60 seconds trades and use all your account balance. This is highly risky because this will wipe out your account with a single loss.

Who Owns Knievel Money App?

The only name we see is Jason Evans. This is the person claimed to be the creator and owner of Knievel Money software. You are supposed to believe that he is talking the truth. How are we supposed to believe a person who is a fictitious identity and no one knows any details about him? If you search on the web, the only time you come across Jason Evans is when you read content related to This simply means that this person does not exist and thus cannot be trusted.

Knievel Money Scam Testimonials and Endorsements

We always check testimonials to see what other people are saying because this talks a lot about the Knievel money fraud. Since this is a fraud, you cannot expect the testimonials to be real. If you come across any testimonies from people claiming to be using the Knievel money system, you should ignore them because they are part of the fraud. The people behind binary options scams like the will go to great lengths to make sure that their system appears legit.

Endorsements are also very important. This is because they show the people or corporations that support the system in question. In our review investigation, we did not find any endorsements from reputable organizations or professionals who have used this app. This is also an indication that no one is really using this software and we cannot trust it. As mentioned, the best approach is to learn all the basics of this market. This way, you will not fall for the tricks used by scams.

Knievel Money review scam

Knievel Money Review Conclusion

As is scam review indicates, this is nothing but a dirty scam designed to steal money from honest traders. Keep in mind that the software does not work. The people behind the app are hiding behind the lame website and video presentation. Such systems are not regulated and this means that when you lose your money, you cannot get it back. There is no one to complain to. Never join a system that promises you thousands of dollars in a day since it is a fraud targeting your money. We have been in this industry for a long time and can smell a fraud from miles away. Always remember that when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid this fraud to protect your money.

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