HFT Finance Review: SCAM SCAM SCAM – Stay Away!

HFT Finance Scam Review!!

HFT Finance Scam App is a relatively new trading robot in the binary options market. The people behind the system are promising a great deal of money in profits. This is the main reason why we decided to investigate the HFT Finance software and write this honest HFT Finance scam review. All the information you will read here is based on the details we collected from the HFTFinance.com site and other reliable sources. This means that the HFTFinance.com review this unbiased and only aimed at educating traders to help them avoid fraud systems such as the HFT Finance software.

On the website, you will find a video presentation giving you all the details about the system. The details are similar to what we have seen in many other sites that end up being fraudulent. This is why we wrote this review hoping that you will go through it and learn a few things to watch out for before trusting an auto trading system. Before we dive into more details, we would like to point out that there are many other scams in this market. This financial market has high potential and this attracts traders and criminals as well.

HFT Finance Review Scam

What You Should Know About HFT Finance

To begin with, John Williams, the alleged CEO of HFT Finance system appears to be in front of a green screen. He goes ahead to say that he manages this company with a group of other professional traders who have a minimum of 10 years experience in this industry. This sounds great but you will not see the traders or get to know their names. There is information that these are stock traders. The question is, why are they not trading binary options? Stock traders use different methods from what is used in binary options trading.

The fact that they are trying to merge stock trading with options in their story line is a big red flag. It is a simple sign that the CEO and the other managers are fictitious characters. From this brief information, our review investigators already knew that this is a fraud.  We will, however, go ahead and discuss all the other elements that make this HFT Finance App a complete fraud.

HFT Finance Review Scam

How Does The HFT Finance Software Work

There is information on the HFTFinance.com site explaining how this service works. The details state that the HFT Finance software executes about 2400 positions using high frequency investing algorithms. The system is supposed to open and close positions within 2 to 3 seconds. All this happens with an accuracy rate of 98%. All these are lies and we will explain why.

We were surprised to see a robot that executes 2400 positions in a day in the HFT Finance scam review. The truth is that there is no such robot in this industry. Another point to keep in mind is that this market is about predicting the direction of the market prices within a period of 60 seconds (some brokers offer 30 seconds). This simply means that there is no way you can enter and exit the market as you please. So the 2 to 3 seconds claim is a big fat lie. Another suspicious element is the claim that the system can offer 98% accuracy. The algorithm used by this system follows the short term trades which offer about 65% accuracy and this is quite low and risky. 98% accuracy is not possible especially through auto traders and the minimum deposit.

As you watch the video, there will be a display of the HFT Finance software in action. This display is convincing for novice traders but to a professional trader, this is just bogus. The display you will be seeing will comprise of 4 open charts that being to the Meta tardier 4 platform. They will claim that this is the software in action and we all know it is not.

What About The Profits?

HFT Finance Review Scam

John Williams promises traders a boatload of profits within a short period of time. There is a guarantee of between $30,000 and $50,000 every month. He says that there are crazy offers that you should not take only to shift your attention from the fact that the HFTFinance.com site is just another fraud. The criminals behind such a scam know that most traders are interested in becoming millionaires overnight and this is exactly what they promise. The problem is that they do not deliver on their promises. What people forget is that systems such as the HFT Finance software are designed to steal money from honest traders.

The binary options market has a lot of potential in terms of making profits. However, it is important to note that the profit you will be making is not anywhere near the absurd promises made by scams such as what we saw in our HFT Finance scam review. The profits promise is a common tactic used by fraudsters in the binary options market to attract new traders. They know that these traders do not know how much money they can make through a legit system. This is why we advice new traders to start with learning all the basics including trading strategies and knowing how to trade and reading this HFTFinance.com review.

What About The HFT Finance App Testimonials?

HFT Finance Scam Review

There are two people you will see in the promotional video claiming to be traders who have used the HFT Finance software. For your own good, you should not believe these people. They are just actors hired to make this system believable. These people are appearing in front of a green screen and put in a different background. Whatever they have to say is fabricate and they are probably not traders in the financial market. Their services are easily available on marketplaces such as fiverr.com. Our HFT Finance scam review is not complete without going through the search engines. We did not come across any reputable organization or professional trader supporting this system. This is a clear indication that all is not well.

HFT Finance Scam Review Conclusion

As you can see, there are many elements that are suspicious and prove that this is nothing but a dirty fraud aimed at stealing money from honest traders. Stay away from this system. Happy to announce a legit system, Penny Millionaire. We have amazing results with this trading app in the short amount of time we have been using. We have left few videos below for all our subscribers to check it out. Currently, this system is FREE but not for long. Sign up soon to grab the opportunity before they close registrations or charge licencse fee. Click the banner below for registration. Questions? binaryOptionsEliteClub@gmail.com.

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