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Guaranteed Money Scam Review

Guaranteed Money is a system that is offering a great deal of money to investors in profits. This is the main reason why we decided to investigate this particular site to find out whesystether it is a legit system or just another scam. The guaranteed money system is marketed through the site and this is where we got all the details that are in this guaranteed money review. This is an unbiased review that is based on facts collected from this site and from the internet in general.

It is important for all investors to take care of their money because there are many fraudulent sites created to steal money from honest investors. Allegedly, this app is absolutely free and you do not have to do anything to make money. The deal seems too good to be true. When you find a deal that is too easy and promises you a great deal of money, you should avoid it by all means. This is because the multiple promises are only there to attract you and convince you to deposit your money where it will be stolen.

guaranteed money scam review

Who Owns The Guaranteed Money app

In our guaranteed money review investigation, we had to find out who owns this system. Allegedly, a woman by the name Angela Stevens is the daughter of Robert Stevens, the brain behind Guaranteed Money app. She goes ahead to claim that there have been stories about this software on reputable outlets such as Financial Times, Bloomberg and MSNBC. According to her, using this software has already made 143 people millionaires. Here is the problem, this is not true. If you do a simple search, such information is supposed to show up somewhere on search engine result pages. Even with our deep search, we did not come across any information related to this except on the site.

In most cases of scams, the owner is some funny character that cannot be verified. This is the case with this software. You will not find the person on social media platforms or anywhere else. This is what raised suspicion and we decided to investigate further. Our findings show that this person is nonexistent and everything about her is fabricated. This is just another deception to convince you that the platform works as claimed.

How Does Guaranteed Money System Scam Work?

There is a video presentation on the website that is supposed to explain everything to the audience. Fortunately, no one in the video explains what this platform is all about. All you will hear is how the trading app has the ability to search for trades that are 100% sure and automatically execute them. The app is only supposed to make profitable trades without losing. We have been in this market for a very long time and we know that there is nothing like 100% accuracy in any trade. This is because there are many factors that affect the movement of prices in the market such that you cannot consistently predict the market and be right. If you ever come across any system that promises to provide 100% accuracy, stay away from it because it is probably a fraud.

Fabricated Documents

There are documents presented on the app and we found out that they are fabricated. The documents do not have any official stamp and this is a red flag. The person presenting the document says his name is Joshua Goldberg, an attorney from the Goldberg Cohen & associates. A quick search shows no results for this firm which leaves us to assume it is made up and the document is fabricated. If this guaranteed money system was actually a legit platform, they would not need to fabricate anything. The fact that they are going to the extent of fabricating thing means that they will do just about anything to steal money from investors.

Guaranteed money scam review

Guaranteed Money System In action

In the promotional video, Angela Stevens shows how the system works. What you will see is just a lame Photoshop project with elements that do not exist in the financial market. First, they claim that the account should be opened in USD but the trades are in Euros. They must have forgotten to check their lies. This is because, in the presentation, there are trades dated 17th November 2016 while we found out that the system was registered in December of 2016. This means that everything about this platform that dates before this date is fabricated.

She then goes offline and shows that guaranteed money trading app continues to go on making you a great deal of money.  She then says that this platform can convert your minimum deposit of $250 to over $5000 24 hours. The truth is that the app thrives on lies that most investors want to hear but are not true.

Will You Make Money with Guaranteed Money System?

 From the look of things, the only people who will be making money here are the people operating this guaranteed money scam. This is because the site is a fraud designed to steal from traders. They claim that this app can make you $5000 in just a day and 1.3 million dollars in just one month. If you have ever been in any financial market, you should know that this is impossible. The scammers are using this to attract traders who do not understand what goes on in the market.

guaranteed money scam review

After Registration

After you register, you will be directed to another page where you are required to deposit $250 into the trading account. They say that Angela Stevens will add $250 as a bonus. The truth is that this is just a way to convince you that you have a great opportunity.

Testimonials Review

Like many other elements, testimonials on the guaranteed money are all fabricated and should not be believed.

Guaranteed Money Review Conclusion

As this review shows, this system is a scam that only aims at stealing from honest traders. If you are new in the financial markets, stay away from systems that promise a great amount of money within a short period of time because they are all scams. Similar scam like Bahama Banker.

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