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Fintech Profits Scam Review

Fintech Profits software is a relatively new scam site designed to steal from binary options traders. The system is supposedly created by George who promises a lot. We came across this system and decided to investigate it because of the absurd claims we saw on it. From the first look, we could tell that fintech profits signals software is a major fraud. Our investigators had to dig deeper into the website to assist in the writing of a conclusive fintech profits review. You might want to read this review post to the end to figure out why we refer to this system as a major fraud.

If you are a new binary options trader, it is very crucial that you first take your time to learn all you need to about this market. In most cases, people who get scammed are new traders who have no idea how the market runs. Having the basics on your fingertips will help you a great deal in avoiding these scams. Luckily there are a lot of resources online that you can easily access and read. These resources will guide you on how to trade and what to expect. You also need to forget about the huge amount of money that most people expect to make within a short period. This is because it is a trick used by scams such as the Fintech profits software.

fintech profits scam review

The Truth about The Fintech Profits Binary Options System

In whatever you do in the financial market, it is important to understand the system or broker you are working with. Looking at reveals a lot of elements that are similar to most of the scam sites that we have already reviewed. These are elements that you will find across all fraudulent sites. Reading this review will, therefore, help you avoid this and many other scams that are similar to the fintech profits software.

There is a lot about what the fintech profits system can do and how it will make you rich. These are just tactics used by scammers to attract traders and convince them to deposit money. The hidden truth is that the systems are designed to lose money. They do not work as claimed and will only empty your account. Once you make a deposit, your money is gone and there is no way to get it back. The fact that the fintech profits system is unregulated only makes things worse. You should be careful when dealing with fintech profits signals software.

fintech profits scam review

How Does Fintech Profits Work?

In our Fintech profits review investigation; we did not come across any credible information explaining how this system works. This is a major red flag from where we stand. If Fintech profits was legit, then they would take you through a step-by-step explanation of how the system works and where the profits will come from. The presentation video is talking about how fintech profits is a special auto trader. They say it is a copy robot. This means that when you activate it, it will follow the trades of successful traders.

There are, however, a number of problems associated with this fintech profits system. This includes the fact that it is not an autotrader as they claim. This is signals software.  Signals software is all about providing trading signals and traders need to use the signals to trade manually. Why would they say fintech profits is an auto trader? And if there are traders being followed, where are they? The presenter does not share their names or where they are. This is highly suspicious.

Who Owns Fintech Profits

fintech profits scam review

According to the information on the website, the man behind the system is called George. The fact that he only has one name is suspicious already. This guy has no more information to his name. No address, no second name and nothing about where he works or his profession. When the owner of a system wants to be anonymous, it is a good sign to stay away from it. This includes the fintech profits.

This man is clearly a actor especially since he also takes part in promoting other scams. We have no problem with the fact that he is an actor; our issue is that he is promoting a fraud. There are legit sites that use actors in promoting their systems but these actors do not pretend to be the owners of the system. The fact that he has appeared in other scams is reason enough not to trust him. His claims and profits are all tricks and lies to convince traders to deposit their money. The actual owners of the fraud are behind the scenes pulling the strings. The man you see is just a vessel with a script targeting unsuspecting traders.

How Much Will You Make

To start with, there is nothing to make here. No traders will make anything from using this website. This system is designed to lose money and deplete your account. You will come across information that you will make $550 by just watching the promotional video. George further says that if you do not make this amount, he Will double it to $1100. There is no one who will give you this amount by just watching the video. This is another suspicious element. In most cases, scammers promise a huge amount of money within a short period and fintech profits is not any different.

fintech profits scam review

Testimonials and Endorsements

Testimonials and endorsements are very important because they show you whether a system is legit or not. We do not trust the testimonials on the site because they are fabricated. We search on social media platforms to see what traders are saying. In this case, there is nothing positive about All the details we came across were related to the site being a scam.

Fintech Profits Review Conclusion

As this review indicates, this is nothing but a lame scam designed to steal money from traders. If you are new in this market, it is important that you avoid fintech profits completely because it is a major FRAUD.

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