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Today we would like to introduce Crunch Tech Software to the binary options traders. This trading app has been in motion for the past 9 months but the team has kept it confidential until recently. For the past 9 months, Rick Paulson, CEO and Daniel Avery, President of Crunch Technology have been testing and tweaking the trading app to perfection. Like any other binary options scam software, we are suspicious of any online money making systems. Does this trading software bring in good news to leverage or one of those scams to stay away from? In the Crunch Tech scam review, we analyze  the details to confirm before you consider investing in another binary options software. By the way, do not get confused The with Tech Crunch, the startup profiling company.

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Among so many scam binary options auto traders, we see only very few that is worth mentioning. Crunch Technology Software might be one of those to amend to our list! But do not take our word for it until you finish reading the Crunch Tech review. We are in the process of testing this and will bring you the performance results to have more quantitative data in our next review. Meanwhile, we reveal all the features of Captain Crunch, so we expose what we see and why so far it is standing apart from other scams. What is great about this binary options auto trader, what to expect and how to trade with CrunchTech? For any new binary options traders, it is overwhelming to see distinguish between so many auto traders. There are tons of websites supporting binary options scams, so hope everyone does thorough research before investing money in any online systems.

The Crunch Tech Software Overview

At first glance, this binary options auto trader is very similar to the weather predicting of Neo2. The good news is Neo2 being not available in all countries for trading, hopefully, The could fill in the gaps. We are yet to finalize all the supported countries. We will keep you posted. Rick and David – experts in weather forecasting and financial experts combined their skills in creating this trading app. Rick Paulson with his weather-predicting capabilities and “looking forward” long range thinking, he assessed that is the skill needed for binary options trading. David Avery, a Stanford graduate financial expert worked in Algo-trading. The powerful duo had the perfect skillset and knowledge to build this GPS tool for binary options trading.

The Crunch Tech

How is The Crunch Tech different?

At first, we suspect all auto traders to fail or be a disappointment as 99% of the software are. On a closer look, see why we do not think The Crunch Tech scam. It projects a realistic profit. Not the crazy $890 per hour but more of a $89 an hour. That is very humble and practical claim for any binary options auto trading software. We appreciate that the team has also tested this and has a 85% win rate. You might have seen trading app claiming for 99% or 99.6% ridiculously high percentage. We are yet to confirm this ITM success rate, but this is a good darn start from what we have seen so far. The best part is 90 days FREE. After that there is a nominal fee but most traders who get in during this FREE registration period will get to keep the software for FREE. Starting small, making consistent profit is more reliable than a software claiming ridiculous profits once in a blue moon. Rest of the days they lose ! We do not like such binary options software. Very unrealiable!

We have checked backgrounds on Rich Paulson and David Avery to see if they are actors. We could not find them in stock sites or So we conclude with confidence they are NOT ACTORS.

Elite Club Testing so far

Below is our video review of the Trading account.

How to Register for the Crunch Tech App?

Registration is simple but please follow these instructions for smooth sailing. Existing broker accounts, unfortunately, do not work with the auto traders. Many reach out to us asking how to link the software with the new broker account. Registering with the software is first step and it will automatically select the broker for you based on the region. The software is integrated with several regulated and internally verified brokers. Follow these step by step guidelines below.

  1. Click on Registration link to receive 90 days FREE.
  2. Enter Name, new email address. NOTE: Make sure this email has not been used before to register with any trading software or broker before.
  3. In members page, enter the phone number.  Enter your Country code with your phone number.
  4. Choose a password. Click Register.
  5. Fund your account. You will be the broker logo on this page. NOTE: Do not logoff software to fund the broker account directly. The funding needs to happen within the trading platform for it to be activated.
  6. Happy Trading!

Questions? You can reach us at support@binaryoptionseliteclub.comThe Crunch Tech

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The Crunch Tech Software Review: Verdict

The most important thing in binary options is winning more trades that you are losing. When you find software that can help you win, you will have started your road to success. Though there are many scammers out there, there are genuine systems that work. Your goal should be protecting your money and making profits. This is why you should avoid any trading platform that is created to steal traders money. It is advisable to always start with a demo account to learn few things about the trade before investing real money. This will give you time to grasp the concept and movement of markets for better trading decisions and more profits. Making a decision in the trading platform and software is the first step towards profitable trades.

From what we have seen, researched and validated, The Crunch Tech app is not a SCAM! We know that it is reliable software, so far. We will bring the latest news on ITM performance of the trading results very soon. Stay tuned for live trading!

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