Copy My Websites – Bad idea! Find out why

Copy My Websites Scam Review

Copy My Websites App is the newest scam in town. This is a fake money making opportunity promising investors thousands in profits every day. The people behind this scam are taking a different approach whereby they start with showing the audience how dishonest other sites are. The copy my websites scam is marketed through site. This copy my websites review will focus on our findings. If you have come across the copy my websites system, it is important that you read this post to the end to understand why we say it is a fraud.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, it is important that you understand where you are putting your money. This is because there are many scams that are created by criminals who are out to steal from honest investors. They will give all kinds of promises to convince you to give them your money. This is the case with this system. The people who created this copy my websites app have no other agenda other than stealing money from unsuspecting people. We will have a look at the different suspicious elements we found in our copy my websites review investigation.

Copy My websites scam review

What Exactly Is Copy My Websites Scam?

According to the information on the site, this is a different kind of investment opportunity. Allegedly, investors are supposed to pay a small amount of money and wait as the owner of the system does all the hard work to make money. This system is supposed to replicate successful websites and this is supposed to show in your account in dollars. To understand what the system is about, you are required to watch the presentation video till the end.

The Presentation Video

On the website, you will find a 7-minute presentation video that you are supposed to watch. This video is supposed to have information that will help you unlock your financial freedom and an easy way to make money. The presentation is based on pressuring the audience to make a step before they lose an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. To support this bogus scam, there is a fake timer. This kind of tactic is common in different scams across industries. The timer is there to show you that there are limited spots left. The truth is that the timer does not work. When you refresh the page or visit the site later, the time will start again from where it started last time you checked. This is just to create a sense of urgency.

Copy My websites scam review

How Does It Work?

This is supposed to be a system that helps investors make money from the website business. We all know that though a website can be profitable, this is not the kind of business that benefits anyone that gets on it. You cannot just start a series of websites and hope to make money. This is because there is a lot that has to go in the process and this is why copy my websites scam should be avoided.

Copy My Websites Review Scam- Fee

To benefit from copy my websites software, you are supposed to pay $37, and wait for the owner of the system to do the hard work that will make money for you every day. The tricky part is that there are a lot of unknowns. The person in the presentation video, who is probably a hired actor, is explaining that he will be handling the heavy lifting that includes Web design, SEO, hosting and internet marketing. The actual truth is hidden somewhere behind the cash you are supposed to pay. You will be paying your $37 for some system that you do not understand. This is how scam sites work; they make you feel like you know what you are investing in but the truth is that you do not have the slightest idea.

You Will Not Make Money With Copy My Websites

In our Copy my websites review, we came across a lot of red flags that show that no one will be making money apart from the scammers behind this system. This is why review scam posts aim to help investors avoid such traps. If the system really worked and gave investors $1000 every day, would the people behind it give access for $37? We do not think so. While you can make money with affiliate websites, you need to attract a huge traffic and not just copy other people’s websites and hope that you will make a great deal of money. Furthermore, there is a statement at the bottom of the home page that says that typical purchasers will not make money using this system. What more evidence do you need that this site will not make you any money?

You Will Not See Copy My Websites For Long

The truth is that the people, who created this system, including the so-called Jake, are in it for short-term benefits. They want to grab as many $37 as they can before negative review posts and comments force them to close shop. You will, therefore, not see the site for a long time.

Copy My websites scam review

Who Owns This Website?

No one really knows the brain behind this scam. In our copy my websites review scam investigation, we came across the name Jake. The guy uses one name and there is no information about him. This is highly suspicious and a major red flag. The hidden truth is that the copy my websites software is run by a criminal whose name is not Jake. Everything is fabricated to convince you that this is a legit investment opportunity but as this review scam information shows, this is nothing but a money-stealing scheme.

Copy my Websites Review Scam Conclusion

This is nothing but a scam made to collect $37 from anyone who believes this fraud. There are many legit investment opportunities such as the different financial markets you can try. In the meantime, stay away from this system because it is a fraud.

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