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Scams – Remain untouched by Scammers

Scams seem to be on the rise for binary options industry. Let’s face it, where there’s knowledge gap there are scammers prevailing to take advantage of the public. Don’t fret, we are more than ever prepared, on high alert and equipped to debunk the claims of potential scammers. Before you review the scams in detail, are you curious why binary options industry has been swamped with scams and why we need to review constantly?

Being a newly forming field, lurkers are poking and taking advantage of less established process. Binary options trading are all online transactions so it gets challenging to monitor scams. For the novice traders by the time they identify the scammers, it is too late. It’s not only traders who suffer personally but it also impacting the binary options industry in general leaving a bad aftertaste. Traders have already lost money to convincing scams and/or cannot withdraw their investment money and profits from the scammers. In the last five years though, with all the combined experience in the binary options industry, awareness of rogue brokers are heightened. Blogs like ours are on high alert for scams, review rogue software in the binary options trading field and we are socially connected today to bring forth those news immediately. Pronto! By the way… have you subscribed to our newsletter yet?

The other good news that came as a aftermath is scanning the brokers, autotraders, scrutinizing their credibility so we can save other traders from falling victim to scams and illegal practices. Legitimate brokers also are on high alert and are proactive in establishing their trust worthiness to potential clients. While there are regulations like CySec, FSA, ASIC establish standards and best practices, blogs like these identify shady brokers, illegal autotraders and illegitimate claims on daily basis.

Quick tips and review on how to avoid scams

  • Understand how binary options trading work. Learn how to read technical chart, know the fundamentals of the underling asset, trend and economics.
  • Do research about the brokers or signal service and autotraders who you are considering to register with.
  • While talking to the brokers, inquire about their withdrawal process. Cross check with what their website says. If there is no website or looks shady, those brokers are red flag.
  • Inquire about brokers welcome bonus Terms and Conditions.
  • Most of legitimate brokers offer live chat, ask questions.
  • For US traders, make sure to register with brokers that accepts US traders. Our top recommended broker is Trade Thunder. Refer to our Elite brokers.

We will periodically review the incoming suspicious marketing campaigns to bring you a summary of our scams reviews. Bookmark this page! If there is something not clear and need further understanding, contact us below.

General things to look for when you come across scams or how to identify a scam campaign. Most of the times the presenter(s) claim huge sums of money with a “push of a button” or “see the account grow” or “you don’t need to be infront of computer”, “loophole”, etc. Remember… no quick cash with binary options! It’s hard work, reading the charts or receiving signals from signal service, understanding the trend and being highly disciplined with the psychological aspects of money management. No short cuts, no miracles, no quick cash as some of these scams will make you believe. That is a huge red flag to look for.

If you are new to binary options trading and want to learn from the best, consider joining experienced traders on Mike’s Manual Facebook group. You will be able to observe how to trade and what others do in this community. Michael Freeman is a great teacher and experienced binary options trader. His team are highly skilled traders who will provide signals to the members of this group. Read more details on our review about Mike’s Autotrader and Facebook group review. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have at

Following is our list of scams. Bookmark this page as we bring more updates and reviews.



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