Bahama Banker Review – App Not Reliable!!

Bahama Banker Review Scam!!

Bahama Banker Software is a new scam binary options software solution that is coning traders in this financial market. This system is offered by a man named Herald Beckman and is already going viral thanks to the aggressive marketing. Because of the absurd promises made by the bahama banker software, we decided to investigate it and write this binary options scam review. The aim of this bahama banker scam review is to educate binary options traders before they are scammed by the criminals behind the system. The bahamabanker is not what the information on the site claims.

We have been in the binary options market for a long time and have written many review posts. Our investigators are skilled and do not leave any stone unturned. This is why we spotted the irregularities and the absurd claims made by the bahama banker software. All the information you will read in this review was collected from the website. For this reason, it is important that you follow this review to the end to understand why we say it is a scam and why you should do your best to avoid this system.

Bahama Banker Scam review

The Truth About The Bahama Banker

The website is marketing this system aggressively and we have enough reasons to put it in the blacklist. They will talk about how you will make a great deal of money and how this is the best thing in the market right now. The truth is that this software does not work and will not make you any money. The money you deposit will disappear as soon as you deposit is and this is the truth that the criminals behind this system will not want you to find out. As mentioned, this post will expose every small detail that makes this software a fraud.

Who Owns The Bahama Banker System?

On the website, you will find a Herald Beckman, the man who claims to be the creator and CEO of this system. In his presentation, he says that he works as a private banker in the Bahamas. He has allegedly being doing the same for about 12 years. He talks about how he has dealt with different clients including those in legit and dirty businesses.

In his speech, he has talked about how there have been a lot of binary options traders moving their account to the Bahamas. He throws in a bunch of other crazy claims related to the bahamabanker system. According to how things look and our experience, we believe that this is just another actor hired by the criminals behind the system. These criminals are always hiding behind the websites and actors. They will not show their face and you will never find out their real names. This is why they make up names such as Herald Beckman.  You do not want to believe a cheaply paid actor who is telling you that a fake system will make you rich within a short period.

How Does Bahama Banker Work?

Just like the many review post we have written on scam sites, there is always inadequate information about how the system functions.  The only information they are providing is that the system is 100% risk-free.  This is very confusing because somewhere else in the site, you will get information that the system has an accuracy rate of 96%. If the system is risk-free, it means that it cannot lose a single trade. 96% means that in every 100 trades it will be losing 4 trades and this is not risk-free.

Bahama Banker review scam

The main reason why scams such as avoid the topic of how the software works like a plague is because of the obvious reason. This system does not work.  They avoid explaining how it works because they might not have a good enough explanation to convince traders. In every investment you put your money in, it is critical that you know how the investment works and how you will be making profits. Investing in this bahama banker system is investing blindly. You will not know the real owners and you will not have the slightest idea how the system works.

How Much Will You Make With Bahama Banker?

According to the information provided on the site, using this system will make you $1250 every day. Herald Beckman says that this system has 10,000 members who are making this amount of money.  When we did a simple, search on, we noticed that this system has only been in business for just 3 months. It is a difficult affair to get 10,000 members within this period. We believe all the profits they are claiming you can make are just a way to attract traders and steal from them.

Bahama Banker Scam review

If the software was risk-free as they say, then $1250 is a very small amount to make. But as we have already exposed, there is some confusion with the accuracy percentage. It is imperative that you learn all the basics of binary options including the amount you stand to make. This will help a great deal in avoiding any frauds based on exaggerated profits.

Testimonials and Endorsements

There is a fake members’ area that we can refer to as made up testimonies. This is because our investigators unearthed information that the images you see are just stock photos and some stolen from the web. If the software really worked, we believe they would not need to fabricate the testimonies. For the period the bahama banker software has been around, there is no credible trader or organization that shows their support. This is a clear indication that we are dealing with a scam.

Bahama Banker Scam review

The Bahama Banker Review Conclusion

In this review, we have exposed Beckman and all the bogus claims he is making on the site. There are a lot of suspicious elements that point to this software being a fraud. If you are joining the binary options market, it is important that you avoid this system because it is a SCAM.

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