1K Daily Profit SCAM Review

1K Daily Profit presentation starts off very noble about how John Becker, the voice-over spokesperson, got scammed so many times with common dirty tricks. But hey, does that mean what he has to offer is scam-free? Listen closely to his offer, claims, and 1KDailyProfit.co customer testimonials. If it is not obvious at first glance, it will be by the end of reading this 1k Daily Profit review. Until then, do not waiver in your thought. It is ok if it is sounding tempting to invest in 1k Daily Profit system but reserve that thought just for few minutes. So you can read what we have to say about this 1k Daily Profit Scam system.

Similar to having a hacked system in 5-steps, like Financial Freedom formula, John Becker claims he is going to help handful of people to make incredible income online so they can have absolute freedom to work from anywhere, anytime they wish. Oh, how generous! Remember this below statement he made during his presentation, we will reference to this later in this 1K Daily Profit review. 😉

1K Daily Profit Review

John Becker “cracked the code”!! Here is a common language used by scammers. They usually crack the code and identify something that will get traders a leg-up with their secret algorithm or formula. Too many people fall for this kind of gullible language used. It is also laughable that John Becker is equating himself to Warren Buffett. Like he could ever tap into the genius mind of Warren Buffet and his outlook on investments. Rich get richer not by using binary options scam systems that is for sure.

Official website: 1kdailyprofit.co

Scam 1: Stock Photo

1K Daily Profit Scam Review

1KDailyProfit.co spokesperson John Becker, did not appear in the video presentation because he was taken from a shutterstock photo pile. With a quick search using the photo, Google search results spit out the stock sites that has the so-called “John Becker”. The producers of this binary options trading team took a “successful” looking healthy male stock photo and gave him ownership to 1kDailyProfit to make it look believable for the visitors of the website or video presentation. How trusting is it for a trader to invest in an online trading system when you know their spokesperson is fake? This sets the tone for rest of the 1K Daily Profit review content.

Scam 2: Fabricated screenshots

1K Daily Profit Review

Take a look at the above picture. This is the trading account John Becker created live. How is that while the balance is $0, we see “Showing 1 to 4 of 4 entries”. Should it all say zero? Can you tell that this screenshot has been fabricated as it is clearly misleading?

1K Daily Profit Scam Review

Don’t believe us, here is the next screenshot, above, he shared in the presentation. This one says Won 6, total 6 trades. But count the trades on the actual page, it is more than 6. Again misleading, deceiving and manipulative by the lazy punk asses! Do you recall the first statement we wanted you to remember what the so-called “John Becker” said:

let me just warn you that this is NOT going to be another one of those scam videos showing a couple of fake trades

FAKE TRADES!!! Here is the proof for ya! For that rest of the “fake trades” in the presentation, 1kdailyprofit.co system was not probably making $1000 at the end of 5 hours. The production team is just fabricating stories and manipulating numbers using Photoshop or other editing software. Obviously, the truth comes out and you can see the lies straight through. 1KDailyProfit.co scam!

Scam 3: Scripted Testimonials

customer1 edited

Familiar with this above person. He was one of the customers providing the testimonial on how much money he has made with 1k Daily Profit system. This 1kDailyProfit.co customer is none other than a Fiverr.com actor. He is pretty famous in the binary options scam video presentations. If he appears in any of the offers claiming he made money using their system, it is right away a red flag. Whatever he says is scripted and tailored monologue on what audience want to hear. No credibility there! Another verification about this scam system.

Scam 4: Fake Social Media

So we have the presentation page open for an hour or so. None of these social media content on 1kDailyProfit has changed content. So we poked to see what and who is in these social media comments and feedback. None of these are real. They are, again, fabricated comments with some pictures and names next to it. None of these links work obviously because they are made up to “show off” how this online trading program benefits them. The “1 hrs” comment remain there like forever showing “1 hrs” lol. What a joke!

Scam 5: 99.8% Accuracy Unverified

Wow this is very believable (sarcasm, folks)! Take our word for it – 1k Daily Profit system is NOT 99.8% accurate but did you know how that is possible? Because someone just threw it out there but it is not verifiable because it does NOT exist. It is very easy to claim BS accuracy but unless it is verified, it remains a hoax. This binary options trading system’s 99.8% accuracy belongs to the hoax category and in someone’s delusional mind! 1k Daily Profit Scam!

1k Daily Profit Review: Conclusion

At first glance, we knew 1K Daily Profit is not a good reputation for investing in a trusted system. Does not build any trust at all with the creators of this binary options trading system. Would anyone invest in shady, lured, hijacked, fabricated, fake, unverified scam system? The closing argument from the spokesperson was like an in-home vacuum cleaning sale show. He went on and on about how you will miss this opportunity so do not skip this page or do not “sleep on it”, he will tell what buttons to exactly push, etc. Wow… like an old car salesman! Lol What a joke!

For serious traders, check out Binadroid! Alex, signing off until next time.

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