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United Trading Review

United Trading Network is a revolutionary binary options software solution that is not like any other system in this financial market. This scam review will look at what the United Trading software is all about and whether it is something you can depend on. If you are interested in binary options trading or Forex trading, you might find this post useful because it will show you how the United Trading System will simplify these processes. In most cases, trading systems depend on minimal indicators; the united trading social app developed by Professor Anthony Grecko involves different strategies and analysis to find those winning trades.

If you decide to use a trading social app, it is important that you make sure that they are legit and not a bunch of lies aimed at stealing your money. If you are a new trader you should be extra careful. This is because fraudulent sites target new traders who are not well informed about the market. This is why you should read dependable scam review posts that will show you which apps to use and which to avoid. We have always been in the forefront of exposing scam sites that are created to deceive and steal from traders. This system is, however, different from our usual frauds. It is a legit platform that aims at helping traders earn a decent income through proven strategies and trading methods.

United Trading Review Social Network Scam

A Closer Look at the United Trading Social System

This is a system that works through the concept of two heads are way better than one. In this spirit, it brings together traders from around the world such that new traders can learn from the best and seasoned traders can learn from each other. This Software has achieved a different level of success and we wonder why no one was thinking about such a concept before.

The United Trading software started out as a group of students who wanted to come up with a social network for online trading. This social app platform was supposed to be a community of traders with one goal, to make more profits. The project manager, Adam Fletcher, understood the importance of more heads and this is why he added 3 more members. Each of the recruited members specializes in different fields such as financial assets through fundamental analyzing, computer programming and investment banking. When these fields are combined, they make one great team-work that maximizes the profits from different trading activities.

United Trading Review Social Network Scam

Methods Of The United Trading Network

This trading app depends on user sentiment combined with expert analysis. This system analyzes the market using various techniques and multiple market indicators. This is an ideal method considering that the market conditions are changing every second. The fact that the app focuses on different strategies in finding profitable trades is the main reason why it is dependable.  If you have ever looked at the market, you have most probably seen trader sentiment. This is the general opinion of investors and this determines the direction the market prices will take.

The social trading software employs this principle. The United Trading System social app uses the same methods to analyze the market only that they are more concentrated because more key factors are incorporated to support the system. These include mechanical, fundamental and technical analysis. Market analysis is all about the validation of recorded historical data with an aim of calculating possible trends. Technical and fundamental analysis involve the use of graphs and charts to help in the application of different indicators and strategies ranging from Fibonacci, oscillators to support and resistance, and many others.

United Trading Review Social Network Scam

When different strategies are used by the social trading software, traders benefit from a higher chance of making more money through more accurate predictions. It is possible to have an accuracy rate of about 85% with this social trading software. This gives you one more reason to try the united trading Network system as a social trader.

Why to Join UnitedTradingNetwork? Important Features

The reason United Trading Network is about to become a big thing is the many great features it presents to traders. As a first, traders will be in a position to record opinions and vote on the potential trades. Though this is the case, you are encouraged to never forget about the trading basics. The following are some of the features that keep things simple and interesting, even for new traders.

Adequate learning materials – There are multiple tutorials that will help you get through the learning process and give you more information on using this social trading software.

United Trading Review Social Network Scam

Trading rooms tab – This allows you to navigate through the different methods of trading according to your preferences.

Social Trader – You can vote for trading positions for the network.

News – This tab will keep you informed about financial news around the world without necessarily leaving this social trading platform.

Support – Technical Support Email: members@unitedtrading.cc, General Support Email: support@unitedtrading.cc

As you join the different financial markets, it is always important to be careful. This is because not every opportunity will lead you to more profits. Some of the deals that appear too good to be true are actually frauds that have already stolen money from many traders.  However, traders can now enjoy the many benefits presented by the united Trading Network app.


More Info

The United Trading Network is a dependable trading tip provider for those interested in improving their trading skills. When you get the trading tip, you need to observe the market and maybe try out your new knowledge. This will give you enough time to grasp the concept of social trading. As it is the case with many other markets, patience is very important. Rushing through the learning process will greatly interfere with your trading outcomes. Make sure you understand all trading basics and since they are available in the learning tutorials, this should not be difficult.


As you have seen in this review, United Trading Network is a valuable addition in the financial market. This software is designed to help traders in binary options and Forex trading make more money. It uses the concept of pulling different traders together to improve their trading skills as they learn from each other. This is a system worth your time and investment.

united Trading network review


Copy My Websites – Bad idea! Find out why

Copy My Websites Scam Review

Copy My Websites App is the newest scam in town. This is a fake money making opportunity promising investors thousands in profits every day. The people behind this scam are taking a different approach whereby they start with showing the audience how dishonest other sites are. The copy my websites scam is marketed through copymywebsites.com site. This copy my websites review will focus on our findings. If you have come across the copy my websites system, it is important that you read this post to the end to understand why we say it is a fraud.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, it is important that you understand where you are putting your money. This is because there are many scams that are created by criminals who are out to steal from honest investors. They will give all kinds of promises to convince you to give them your money. This is the case with this system. The people who created this copy my websites app have no other agenda other than stealing money from unsuspecting people. We will have a look at the different suspicious elements we found in our copy my websites review investigation.

Copy My websites scam review

What Exactly Is Copy My Websites Scam?

According to the information on the copymywebsites.com site, this is a different kind of investment opportunity. Allegedly, investors are supposed to pay a small amount of money and wait as the owner of the system does all the hard work to make money. This system is supposed to replicate successful websites and this is supposed to show in your account in dollars. To understand what the system is about, you are required to watch the presentation video till the end.

The Presentation Video

On the website, you will find a 7-minute presentation video that you are supposed to watch. This video is supposed to have information that will help you unlock your financial freedom and an easy way to make money. The presentation is based on pressuring the audience to make a step before they lose an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. To support this bogus scam, there is a fake timer. This kind of tactic is common in different scams across industries. The timer is there to show you that there are limited spots left. The truth is that the timer does not work. When you refresh the page or visit the copymywebsites.com site later, the time will start again from where it started last time you checked. This is just to create a sense of urgency.

Copy My websites scam review

How Does It Work?

This is supposed to be a system that helps investors make money from the website business. We all know that though a website can be profitable, this is not the kind of business that benefits anyone that gets on it. You cannot just start a series of websites and hope to make money. This is because there is a lot that has to go in the process and this is why copy my websites scam should be avoided.

Copy My Websites Review Scam- Fee

To benefit from copy my websites software, you are supposed to pay $37, and wait for the owner of the system to do the hard work that will make money for you every day. The tricky part is that there are a lot of unknowns. The person in the presentation video, who is probably a hired fiverr.com actor, is explaining that he will be handling the heavy lifting that includes Web design, SEO, hosting and internet marketing. The actual truth is hidden somewhere behind the cash you are supposed to pay. You will be paying your $37 for some system that you do not understand. This is how scam sites work; they make you feel like you know what you are investing in but the truth is that you do not have the slightest idea.

You Will Not Make Money With Copy My Websites

In our Copy my websites review, we came across a lot of red flags that show that no one will be making money apart from the scammers behind this system. This is why review scam posts aim to help investors avoid such traps. If the system really worked and gave investors $1000 every day, would the people behind it give access for $37? We do not think so. While you can make money with affiliate websites, you need to attract a huge traffic and not just copy other people’s websites and hope that you will make a great deal of money. Furthermore, there is a statement at the bottom of the home page that says that typical purchasers will not make money using this system. What more evidence do you need that this site will not make you any money?

You Will Not See Copy My Websites For Long

The truth is that the people, who created this system, including the so-called Jake, are in it for short-term benefits. They want to grab as many $37 as they can before negative review posts and comments force them to close shop. You will, therefore, not see the copymywebsites.com site for a long time.

Copy My websites scam review

Who Owns This Website?

No one really knows the brain behind this scam. In our copy my websites review scam investigation, we came across the name Jake. The guy uses one name and there is no information about him. This is highly suspicious and a major red flag. The hidden truth is that the copy my websites software is run by a criminal whose name is not Jake. Everything is fabricated to convince you that this is a legit investment opportunity but as this review scam information shows, this is nothing but a money-stealing scheme.

Copy my Websites Review Scam Conclusion

This is nothing but a scam made to collect $37 from anyone who believes this fraud. There are many legit investment opportunities such as the different financial markets you can try. In the meantime, stay away from this system because it is a fraud.

The newest system that is gaining popularity in the trading community is United Trading. This is a social trading platform, like Facebook, where you get to see the signals and community votes. Based on the vote %, you will have the visibility of the winning trades. You can then choose to use those top voted signals to place trades and gain profits. Below are some videos of system walk through and live results. Clicking the banner will take you to the United Trading Network official page for signup. Do not miss this opportunity to get in early to make tremendous profits. Questions? BinaryOptionsEliteClub@gmail.com.

WATCH: United Trading Day1 Live Results – $97 Profit 100% winning rate

WATCH: United Trading Network Review – System Walk Through

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Knievel Money Review – $1000 a month? Real or Scam?

Knievel Money Scam Review

Knievel Money app is a new scam in the binary options market targeting unsuspecting traders. This knievel money review will expose all the fraudulent elements we came across in our scam review investigation. This system is presented by a man by the name Jason Evans and has nothing to offer but stress and misery. If you are a trader, you should not trust what Jason Evans has to say. This is because everything on the Knievelmoney.com site is created to trick traders into depositing money. They will steal everything you deposit soon after them one shows in their account.

Binary Options is a good market with potential money making opportunities. Scam sites like the knievelmoney.com are giving this market a bad name because they are stealing from new traders. These frauds target traders who have no idea what the binary market is all about. They use tricks and deception to convince them to deposit money then steal it. If you have come across the Knievel money software, it is important that you read this scam review to understand why we have labeled it a scam. This is why it is important that you learn all the basics of the market to identify scam sites.

Knievel Money scam review

Why We Think Knievel Money Is A Scam

From the look of the Knievelmoney.com site, we can tell that this is a lame system. If the knievel money system was legit, we believe they would have a better-looking website. Legit systems in this market invest in a website that looks like someone really spent time working on it. The lame website we saw is similar to the many other scam sites we have written review posts on. Another element we noticed is the lame presentation video. This is a video with a voiceover with a voiceover actor probably from fiverr.com. You will not see a real person in the video and this is a bit suspicious.

Most fraudulent sites do not have images of videos with the actual owners of the system. They use actors who say that they are the CEOs or founders of the software. In this case, we hear a guy called Jason Evans. If the app was legit, like they claim, we believe that the person who created the system would be everywhere taking credits. We are not saying using an actor is wrong because it might be essential in presenting the system better. What we are against is the actor claiming to be the owner of the system. If you ever come across a scam with a lame website and a fishy presentation, just exit because you might lose all your money.

How Much Do You Stand To Make?

Well, the system will not make you a single cent. This is because, as we have said, it is a scam. The only people making money here are the people behind this system. They will, therefore, use all tricks and tactics to convince you to deposit your money so that they can steal it. These tricks include telling you that you will make a great deal of money within a short period of time.

Knievel Money scam review

Jason Evans is claiming that you will be making $1000 every 10 minutes. This is supposed to be from the $250 you deposit. This is impossible in this financial market and if you can do it even once, then it should be a remarkable achievement. To achieve this kind of profits, you will need to trade 60 seconds trades and use all your account balance. This is highly risky because this will wipe out your account with a single loss.

Who Owns Knievel Money App?

The only name we see is Jason Evans. This is the person claimed to be the creator and owner of Knievel Money software. You are supposed to believe that he is talking the truth. How are we supposed to believe a person who is a fictitious identity and no one knows any details about him? If you search on the web, the only time you come across Jason Evans is when you read content related to Knievelmoney.com. This simply means that this person does not exist and thus cannot be trusted.

Knievel Money Scam Testimonials and Endorsements

We always check testimonials to see what other people are saying because this talks a lot about the Knievel money fraud. Since this is a fraud, you cannot expect the testimonials to be real. If you come across any testimonies from people claiming to be using the Knievel money system, you should ignore them because they are part of the fraud. The people behind binary options scams like the Knievelmoney.com will go to great lengths to make sure that their system appears legit.

Endorsements are also very important. This is because they show the people or corporations that support the system in question. In our review investigation, we did not find any endorsements from reputable organizations or professionals who have used this app. This is also an indication that no one is really using this software and we cannot trust it. As mentioned, the best approach is to learn all the basics of this market. This way, you will not fall for the tricks used by scams.

Knievel Money review scam

Knievel Money Review Conclusion

As is scam review indicates, this is nothing but a dirty scam designed to steal money from honest traders. Keep in mind that the software does not work. The people behind the app are hiding behind the lame website and video presentation. Such systems are not regulated and this means that when you lose your money, you cannot get it back. There is no one to complain to. Never join a system that promises you thousands of dollars in a day since it is a fraud targeting your money. We have been in this industry for a long time and can smell a fraud from miles away. Always remember that when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid this fraud to protect your money.

Binary Options Trading community has been very open about their feedback on Nuvo Finance. When we started, like any other trading platform, we had our doubts and skeptic about its performance. Once we did initial testing, we had a decent idea that it can make good money. Now 2 weeks into using Nuvo Finance, we can say this is one of the top performers. Check out the videos below to see the app in action. Profitable trading systems do not stay FREE for long. Grab the opportunity while it is STILL FREE so you can leverage the chance to make money before they start charging a free, or worse close down the registration. Click the banner below to visit the official website. Questions? BinaryOptionsEliteClub@gmail.com.

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Fintech Profits – Warning Alert!

Fintech Profits Scam Review

Fintech Profits software is a relatively new scam site designed to steal from binary options traders. The system is supposedly created by George who promises a lot. We came across this system and decided to investigate it because of the absurd claims we saw on it. From the first look, we could tell that fintech profits signals software is a major fraud. Our investigators had to dig deeper into the Fintechprofits.com website to assist in the writing of a conclusive fintech profits review. You might want to read this review post to the end to figure out why we refer to this system as a major fraud.

If you are a new binary options trader, it is very crucial that you first take your time to learn all you need to about this market. In most cases, people who get scammed are new traders who have no idea how the market runs. Having the basics on your fingertips will help you a great deal in avoiding these scams. Luckily there are a lot of resources online that you can easily access and read. These resources will guide you on how to trade and what to expect. You also need to forget about the huge amount of money that most people expect to make within a short period. This is because it is a trick used by scams such as the Fintech profits software.

fintech profits scam review

The Truth about The Fintech Profits Binary Options System

In whatever you do in the financial market, it is important to understand the system or broker you are working with. Looking at Fintechprofits.com reveals a lot of elements that are similar to most of the scam sites that we have already reviewed. These are elements that you will find across all fraudulent sites. Reading this review will, therefore, help you avoid this and many other scams that are similar to the fintech profits software.

There is a lot about what the fintech profits system can do and how it will make you rich. These are just tactics used by scammers to attract traders and convince them to deposit money. The hidden truth is that the systems are designed to lose money. They do not work as claimed and will only empty your account. Once you make a deposit, your money is gone and there is no way to get it back. The fact that the fintech profits system is unregulated only makes things worse. You should be careful when dealing with fintech profits signals software.

fintech profits scam review

How Does Fintech Profits Work?

In our Fintech profits review investigation; we did not come across any credible information explaining how this system works. This is a major red flag from where we stand. If Fintech profits was legit, then they would take you through a step-by-step explanation of how the system works and where the profits will come from. The presentation video is talking about how fintech profits is a special auto trader. They say it is a copy robot. This means that when you activate it, it will follow the trades of successful traders.

There are, however, a number of problems associated with this fintech profits system. This includes the fact that it is not an autotrader as they claim. This is signals software.  Signals software is all about providing trading signals and traders need to use the signals to trade manually. Why would they say fintech profits is an auto trader? And if there are traders being followed, where are they? The presenter does not share their names or where they are. This is highly suspicious.

Who Owns Fintech Profits

fintech profits scam review

According to the information on the Fintechprofits.com website, the man behind the system is called George. The fact that he only has one name is suspicious already. This guy has no more information to his name. No address, no second name and nothing about where he works or his profession. When the owner of a system wants to be anonymous, it is a good sign to stay away from it. This includes the fintech profits.

This man is clearly a fiverr.com actor especially since he also takes part in promoting other scams. We have no problem with the fact that he is an actor; our issue is that he is promoting a fraud. There are legit sites that use actors in promoting their systems but these actors do not pretend to be the owners of the system. The fact that he has appeared in other scams is reason enough not to trust him. His claims and profits are all tricks and lies to convince traders to deposit their money. The actual owners of the fraud are behind the scenes pulling the strings. The man you see is just a vessel with a script targeting unsuspecting traders.

How Much Will You Make

To start with, there is nothing to make here. No traders will make anything from using this website. This system is designed to lose money and deplete your account. You will come across information that you will make $550 by just watching the promotional video. George further says that if you do not make this amount, he Will double it to $1100. There is no one who will give you this amount by just watching the video. This is another suspicious element. In most cases, scammers promise a huge amount of money within a short period and fintech profits is not any different.

fintech profits scam review

Testimonials and Endorsements

Testimonials and endorsements are very important because they show you whether a system is legit or not. We do not trust the testimonials on the site because they are fabricated. We search on social media platforms to see what traders are saying. In this case, there is nothing positive about fintechprofits.com. All the details we came across were related to the site being a scam.

Fintech Profits Review Conclusion

As this review indicates, this is nothing but a lame scam designed to steal money from traders. If you are new in this market, it is important that you avoid fintech profits completely because it is a major FRAUD.

Why not consider a trading app that has documented profits? Nuvo Finance is the new platform that the binary options community has great feedback. Below are the videos to see the app in action, the banner leads to the official page for sign up. Grab the opportunity when it lasts, there isn’t too many profitable trading system in the market that is given for FREE.

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Fence Trading Strategy

Fence Trading Strategy

The Fence trading strategy also referred to as Double profit, gives binary options traders an opportunity to increase payout and reduce potential loss. The best time to use the strategy is when the prices are going up and down in a reasonable range. This movement allows a trader to enter into two trades. To be effective, these positions must be close to the lowest and highest points of the chart. By creating a wide range, the chances of winning both trades is highly possible. This explains the reason why it is referred to as Double Profit.

The aim is to enter a CALL trade at the lowest price point and a PUT trade at the highest price point. Call prediction refers to a trade that predicts the price will go up. On the other hand, Put prediction predicts that the price will go down. That said, the main goal is to ensure that the trade closes with the price between the highest and the lowest point. This is how you will win both trades.

Binary Options Fence Trading Strategy Example

For instance, an asset, (A) is $25 and the return is 75%. You place an investment of $100 on a trade expiring after 60 minutes. After around 20 minutes, the asset gets to $30. Assuming that you predict that the prices will close below $30, you place another $100. This time you predict the prices will go down. This trade will complete the fence between the $30 and $25. In case the price falls between the two points, you will get a maximum return.

Fence Trading Strategy

You use the fence trading in your binary options using an initial investment of $200. The possible profits are $100 + $75 + $100 + $75 – $200 = $150.

If you lose one of the predictions your loss will be $100 +$75 – $100 -$200 = $25. The total loss will be $25 as opposed to $100 if you had only one trade and lost.

The aim of Fence trading in binary options is to reduce the potential loss and increase possible returns. This strategy gives you a profit that is 6 times the potential loss. This means that even in case you lose more than you win, you still be in the money. If you win two trades, you will have profits of $300, if you lose one of the predictions 4 times, you will only lose $25 x 4 = $100. This means you will still have $200. If things go your way, your trades will be more profitable than any other trading strategies in binary options.

The greatest risk in this trading strategy is if the price closes lower than the lowest trade or higher than the highest trade. Even in this case, one of the predictions will be correct. In the example above, if the price closes at $35, the prediction that the price will be higher than $25 will be correct. The prediction that the price will be lower than $30 will lose. Though this is the case, you will still win one and this is how to reduce the losses.

Fence Trading Strategy

The only danger is if the trade closes at different times and both predictions are wrong. For this reason, this is why traders need to pay attention to analysis. This will help you predict the movement better. Since it is impossible to get into the trade twice using the two positions at the same time, there is a chance that the trade will go against you.

Bollinger Band And Fence Trading Strategy

Now you know the potential of the fence trading strategy. The next step is to understand how to get into the trade. This is the point where you can take advantage of the price volatility in binary options to make more profits. Bollinger Bands is one way to measure price volatility in underlying assets. These are bands that appear below and above the average line. They create a range that changes according to the movements in the market. This makes the Bollinger bands the best indicators for Fence trading.

Bollinger Bands are used in the prediction of highest and lowest points of the underlying asset’s price. They also display the neutral trend for period displayed on the asset chart. Fence trading is more profitable when paired with Bollinger bands. The best way to approach this strategy is getting into trades that close in an hour. This will give you enough time to assess the price movement for a second trade.

Keep in mind that binary options is highly profitable and thus involves high risks. Any strategy that reduces the risks and increases the profits is welcomed. Fence trading can give you a boost in your binary options trading by reducing the loss by 75% and increasing the potential return by 100%.

Before you get into the trading world, it is important to test the waters with one leg. This simply means that you should invest a small amount at first. To be on the safe side, you should use a demo account. Most trading platforms offer traders a demo account where they can experience trading using real price movements of underlying assets. You can practice the fence trading system to find out if it works for you.


The most important thing in binary options trading is getting more wins than losses. This is the only way you will make a good return on your investment. This means any strategy that increases profits while minimizing losses is a good deal. Fence trading strategy can give you great profits especially if you use indicators such as Bollinger Bands. With the right predictions, you will win more trades and this is the reason you should use dependable indicators. Binary options is a great way to make money but this only happens with proven strategies. If you are new trader, fence trading is one of the effective strategies to use. Pair this with Bollinger bands and your profits will double.

If you are looking for a software to auto trade instead of doing all the technical analysis, Nuvo Finance is one of the top performers. Nuvo finance takes the guess out of the analysis and trades on your behalf based on a simple setup. Check out the videos below to see the system in action. Click on the banner below to visit the official sign up page.

WATCH: Nuvo Finance Week 2 Live Trading – $86 Profit

WATCH: Nuvo Finance Live AutoTrading – $75 Profit!

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