Leaked Profits Review – SCAM BUSTED

Leaked Profits Review

Leaked Profits App is a shameless scam that has entered the binary options market to steal from unsuspecting traders. Fortunately, our review investigators are always attentive. We always have an easy job investigating and reviewing software in the category of leakedprofits.co. This is because scam elements are written all over this site and it only takes a simple glance to throw it to the rest of the trash sites. The leaked profits software is not what they claim it is. It is a dirty scam aggressively marketed to get to as many victims as possible. Read this leaked profits scam review to understand why we say it is a fraud.

The binary options market is a profitable one with a lot of potential. However, it is important that we state that it will not make you a millionaire overnight. There are many criminals who are giving this financial market a bad name. This is because they create sites such as leakedprofits.co to steal from traders they promise you the world to convince you to deposit your money so that they can take it and run. To be on the safe side, read this review to the end.

leaked profits scam review

The Truth About The Leaked Profits

There is what the people behind this fraud will say and then there is the truth. They will do everything in their power to prevent you from knowing the truth. Unfortunately for them our investigators were on their case. The truth is simple; leakedprofits.co is a scam and will not make you any money. Instead, what you will get is disappointment and a loss of your investment money. The website is full of absurd promises of how wealthy you will be and how the leaked profits works in an amazing way.

It is in your best interest to be in a position to see a fraud from a distance. This is because there are many of them on this financial market and you can never be too safe. The only way to have all the information you need is to understand the market by learning all the basics. Most of the tricks used by fraudsters are connected to the basics. Once you are conversant with the foundation of this market, you will be safe from scam app criminals after your money.

Who Owns The Leaked Profits

leaked profits scam review

Once you are on the leakedprofits.co site, you will meet one Mr. Frank Bishop. This is the man alleged to be the owner of this software. This guy has a fairy tale kind of story that is common in most of the scam sites we review. He says that he is a Wall Street trader expert who has created an amazing binary options auto trader that is supposed to give traders a boatload of profits.  This is just a way to attract traders so that they can deposit they money.

Our investigators did not just stop at the point where he says that he is a professional trader in Wall Street. They dug a little deeper and after a few searchers, they could not find a profile with that name in connection to investing or trading the binary options market.  Searching this name will lead you to many negative comments by people who have lost money to this app. You will also come across other similar leaked profits review posts. The video also has information that Mr. Frank Bishop has been on CNBC and has also released a book called ‘Happy, Lucky and Rich’. The truth is that this is not true and there is no record that shows that the book ever got printed let alone being released.

How Much Money Will You Make?

To be honest, the only people making money are the criminals behind leakedprofits.co. This is because this system does not work and you will not be making a single cent from the alleged trades. In reality, the software is designed not to work. The only thing that works is the system that steals your money and directs it to an untraceable account. In simple words, once your money is gone, there is no way to get it back. The fact that the site is unregulated means that there is no third party that can help you get your money back. This is why you need to stay away from this system.

Something that caught our eye is the promise that you will be making over $1000 a day through a 100% accuracy rate system. If the system was this accurate, a grand a day is an understatement. Before we go any further, we would like to highlight the fact that no system or human trader can manage to have such an accuracy rate on a consistent basis. This is because this market is volatile and quite unpredictable. If you come across a system that offers such an accuracy percentage, stay away from it because it is a scam.

How Does The Leaked Profits Work

leaked profits scam review

Despite all the information that Frank bishop provides, we did not come across any details related to how this system works. They are focusing all their energy on telling traders how much money they will make and nothing on the operation of the system. How can you trust a system that promises thousands of dollars in a month but does not have any explanation about how it works? This is as good as throwing your money away.

What About The Testimonials and Endorsements

It is now clear that the leaked profits is a scam. However, the testimonies provided by the alleged traders sink the point deeper.  The people you see are nothing but Fiverr.com actors hired to convince traders that this is a genuine binary options trading tool. If it was as real as they say, they would not need to fabricate testimonials.


The binary options market is profitable but not as scams portray it. If you are new in this market, stay away from this leaked profits system because it is a SCAM. Similar scams that losing money for traders – Tesler App, Vena System, Hexa Trader, and Rubix Project.

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Rubix Project Review – SCAM Caution!

Rubix Project Scam Review

Rubix Project Software is a tempting trading tool that has been introduced in the binary options trading market. The tool is promising traders millions within a short period. The first thing you need to understand about this market is that it is not a get rich quick scheme. Most people join this market with a hope that they will be overnight millionaires and this is why they get scammed easily. Criminals behind sites such as rubixproject.com know how to sweet talk the new binary options traders into depositing money. Once you make a deposit, your money will disappear into thin air.

To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to understand this market before you deposit your money. It is always important to be careful when you are dealing with money because where there are profits, there are losses, risks and criminals. Make sure that you have the basics at your finger tips because this will help you in escaping all the traps set by scam artists such as the creators of rubix project software. Fortunately, there is the rubix project review that explains and exposes all the suspicious elements we found in our research.

Rubix Project Scam Review

Why We Think The Rubix Project System Is A Major Fail

There is a big problem when it comes to the promises you get from rubix project software. On the rubixproject.com site, you will come across a number of crazy promises that are impossible to deliver. These are promises tied to the income you are supposed to get and it is all about attracting traders. These scam artists are always targeting new binary options traders who do not understand how this market operates. When they tell them that the rubix project system can make them a great deal of money, they know that they will quickly register and make a deposit.

There are many things that do not add up such as the statement claiming that rubix project has a 100% accuracy rate. If you ask any expert in the financial market, they will tell you that there is no software that is 100% accurate. There is also no human trader that can claim to be this accurate. This is because the market is full of factors that control market prices. Any system or human trader that claims to have such a winning accuracy is a scam.

Who Owns The Rubix Project?

Rubix Project scam review

You will meet Brian Morgan in the presentation video. This guy claims to have lost everything, got divorced and was at the verge of committing suicide. He then made the super trading software, rubix project which has so far made him more than $86 million in a few years. If by any chance this was true, we believe that a lot of people would be talking about him all over the internet and TV. The fact that we have not heard about this guy up until we met him on the rubix project review investigation is an indication that he does not exist.

From our investigations, we suspect that this is another one of the actors hired from popular marketplaces such as fiverr.com. These are actors who are good at what they do such that they will convince you that rubix project is a good deal. They are reading from a script they get from the actual criminals behind this scam. It is highly likely that they do not know anything about this market and have never traded binary options.  We have seen a similar tactic where the actual owners of the binary options scam hide behind website such as the rubixproject.com site and hired actors.

Will You Make Money Using Rubix Project?

Rubix Project review scam

On the website, you will get details about the income you stand to make if you deposit the minimum $250. Allegedly, you will be making about $10,000 every day. This means that within a year of trading using this rubix project, you will be a millionaire. This is just a fairy tale used to convince you to make a deposit so that they can take your money and run. While you can actually enjoy a solid income, you should forget about thousands in a day. With a lot of work or with the right software, you can get a couple of hundreds in a day but nothing more than that.

You will be shown 2 live trades to try and show you how the rubixproject.com software works. Each of these trades will last for 60 seconds. There is something hidden because you just see the results that indicate that the trades were won. This is a fabrication that is aimed at fooling binary options traders into believing that Rubix project actually works. If the scam software was legit, there would be no need to fabricate the trades. There would be multiple traders with their own live trading videos indicating their success with the software. Again, we cannot trust Mr. Morgan because he is not an investor or a trader.

Rubix Project review scam

Rubix Project Review – Money Withdrawal

Withdrawing your money should be the next important thing after you make profits. Well, you should know whether it is possible to withdraw from the rubix project scam before making a deposit. In our rubix project review, we found details about the withdrawal. They claim that you can instantly get your money. With most binary options brokers, it will take anything between 3 and 7 days depending on the method used. The truth is that you will not even get to the point of withdrawing your money because there will be no trading and no profits.

The Team Running Rubix Project

The funny thing about the presented team is that each one of them has been involved in scam software. We think they are actors for hire and do not mind showing their faces for bogus software in exchange for a couple of bucks. This is a team of crooks and should not be trusted.

Rubix Project Review Scam Conclusion

This rubix project review indicates that this software is nothing but a lame scam. The people behind this app are interested in stealing money from binary options traders and not giving them a lasting software solution. Watch for these similar scams as well – Tesler App, Hexa Trader, and Vena System.

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Hexa Trader App Review – SCAM Alert

Hexa Trader Scam Review!!

Hexa Trader App is a relatively new trading software in the binary options market. The hexa trader system is a dishonest app that is aimed at stealing hard earned cash from honest traders. People have developed a hunger for money and are investing in anything with potential and with the right promises according to them. Criminals on the other hand, are taking advantage of this through creating deceitful methods of stealing from these traders. They use absurd promises that attract traders who have no idea that hexa trader app is nothing but a dirty fraud.

The binary options market has become popular over the last few years. This is probably because of the high returns and ease of trading. Though we have mentioned ‘high’ returns, we are only comparing it to other financial markets. This is because we do not want to create the same illusion created by fraudsters when they are marketing their scams. You can make a good income but forget about millions within a few months.  This is the promise that leads many traders to sites such as the hexatrader.co. They all end up leaving the market a disappointed lot because they lose all their investment money.

hexa trader review scam

Hexa Trader Review – What Is it?

There is a video presentation that has a voiceover of a man who claims to be one professor Rupert Connor. He says that he was a computational Science professor at MIT but is now the CEO of Hexa trader app. He says that he designed this set-and-forget software to benefit binary options traders. It is supposed to be an automated app that requires no formal education or trading experience. You can run hexa trader software from anywhere and you will enjoy an accuracy rate of about 94.7%. This sounds like a great deal but as the old adage goes, when the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

There is also information that this scam software will only trade profitable trades and give you profits of between 245% and 360%. They also say that their payment will come from the 2.5% commission they will deduct from your income. The truth is that this is not real. They are just trying to complicate their simple stealing story so that the system might be believable. They further claim that it is free to use hexa trader review system and that transparency is guaranteed.

Hexa Trader Review – The Hidden Truth

The above details are just a mention of the absurd statements we found in our hexa trader review. We will look at a little bit more details to show you why we advise traders to stay away from hexa trader scam. To start with, it is not free to use hexa trader app. This is because you must registers and deposit $250 to start using hexa trader service. Though the money is supposed to be yours, you will still lose it and this means you will have paid hexatrader.co $250 for nothing.

You will not know which broker you will be trading with. This is probably because the broker using is not regulated and is part of the fraud. Since you do not know where your money is going, getting it back will be a pain in the neck. It is likely that there is no broker and your money is going directly to their offshore account that cannot be traced. Since there is no contract or any form of reliable guarantee, it is in your best interest to avoid giving your money to these crooks.

hexa trader review scam

There is also the biggest lie of the year when they say that you can get profits of between 245% and 360%. If this was the case, we think all billionaires would quickly dive into hexa trader scam and invest heavily to double and triple their investments. There is no need in wasting time on this issue because it is just as stupid as it looks.

Hexa Trader Review – Scam Elements

There are always elements shared by binary options scam sites and these are the things we were looking for in the case of hexatrader.co. We found out that the interface used is the same one used by other fraudulent sites such as Bahama banker, intertrader, and binary options millionaire. A software solution used by scams cannot be legit when used by another site. Probably, this site is owned by the same people who created the other scams. There are also many other similarities like the promises and the way the software is presented. The presentation is just a video with a voiceover. This is a common identity of bogus systems designed to steal money from investors.

Who Owns Hexa Trader System?

hexa trader scam review

Rupert Connor is the alleged owner of this hexa trader but does not show his face. You cannot just trust a voice over and hand over your money and expect to make millions. He claims that you will be making $1644 every day but this is just a lie to get you to sign up. He says that he was a professor but we could not trace his identity in our review research. Someone who was a professor at MIT is not a hard man to trace. This is just a made up identity voice by a fiverr.com actor to attract binary options traders to the hexa trader site.

Support Information Review

There is a statement that says you will get 24/7 support but this is as far as it goes. Those are just words to beautify the site. The contact page will not open and this simply means that getting in touch with the support team is a farfetched dream. When you deposit your money and realize that the system does not work, you will not be able to contact them.

Testimonials Review

There are a few fabricated testimonials provided by hired actors and should not be believed because these are not traders. Feel free to share this hexa trader review with your friends or family who might be considering investing in this scam.

The Hexa Trader Scam Review Conclusion

We can confidently say that this is a scam and you should do your best to stay away from hexatrader.co because it will just steal your money. Similar scam trading app at the same level of scam caliber to watch out for – Tesler App, Vena System, 10k Every Day App, and HFT Finance.

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Vena System Review – Watch out for the Scam and Red Flags!

Vena System Scam Review

Vena System is another new scam in this New Year. The scam is presented by Marc Vena which explains the name vena system. It is a software solution designed to help binary options traders in their trading activities. The site is promising a great deal of money every day and this is what attracted our investigators. We always focus on the suspicious sites such as the venasystem.co to expose the lies and the tricks used by criminals to steal money from honest traders. From the video presentation to the many absurd promises, a keen eye will see right through this scam.

If you are interested in trading binary options, it is important that you learn all the basics. This is to prevent you from falling for simple lies connected to binary options basics. In this vena system review, we will look at all the suspicious elements that our investigators came across to help you avoid this system and many other scam sites with similar intentions.

The Truth About The Vena System Scam

vena system review scam

For some time, we have not seen a video like the one on venasystems.co. In most cases, scam artist like those behind the vena system use similar tactics that are aimed at tricking traders and stealing their money. The truth that is hidden behind all the glitter in the video is that the app is nothing but a fraud. Most people who fall for these tricks are new traders who have no idea how the trade works. They show traders money and a luxurious life that does not exist. If you see such a software, stay away from it because these are fraudulent tricks used by criminals in the binary options market.

The video presentation is full of senseless information that does not focus on the actual app. It is all about how you will make a great deal of money and be a millionaire within a short period. They say that you do not need any knowledge or experience to make money.  Even if the platform is an auto trader, you still need to know a few things about this financial market. The main reason why they target inexperienced traders is because they know that this group does not understand the basics. They will easily be tricked into joining the venasystems.co app and deposit their money. This is why we decided to put together the venasystems.co review to protect traders.

Who Owns The Vena System?

vena system scam review

There is a friendly man who seems to never stop talking. One thing that we would like to make clear is that he is not a trader. From the words he uses, you can easily tell that he has no experience in the binary options market. He does not go into details as far as the operation of the app is concerned, he says his name is Marc Vena and that he is a millionaire. This is an unknown name and there is no trace of his profile anywhere on the internet. A person of his status should have a publicly available profile that anyone can view. Unfortunately, there is no one by this name involved in binary options trading.

From where we stand and from our experience with scam sites, we can confirm that he is nothing but a hired actor who helps push the agenda of the fraudsters.  This is one of those common elements that you will find in the world of frauds. They hire actors who can sell their app to unsuspecting traders. This is because these professionals know how to talk to their audience and convince them to take a certain action. This explains why all scammers hide behind actors from market places such as fiverr.com. Well, it is not a bad idea to use an actor in the presentation video, but it is wrong when the actor claims to be the owner of the software in question.

How Much Will You Make?

vena system review scam

Before we go into details about the income, we would like to state that you will not make any money using this software. The vena system scam does not work and instead of giving you profits, it is designed to steal money from your account. In the venasystems.co review, we came across a statement that says that the app can make you $7,250 every day.  This is a good amount to make in a day since only a small percentage of the working community make such an amount. However, this is not possible in this market especially if you are a newbie working with a $250 minimum deposit.

The mention of a high amount of profit is another trick that is used by criminals who steal from honest traders. They know that most traders joining the market are hungry for money and have been misled about the amount they can make in this market. Binary options trading can make you a substantial income but not millions within a year.

Testimonials and Endorsements Fabrication

The disturbing thing is that there are testimonials and endorsements that have been fabricated to shed positive light on the vena system. Testimonials are a good place to figure out if a software solution is legit. In the case of the vena system, the testimonials are not genuine. They have been fabricated because there is no real trader who is using this site because is simply does not work.  We also did not come across endorsements from any credible organizations or experienced traders in the industry.

vena system scam review

vena system scam review

The Vena System Review Scam Conclusion

Our investigators dug deep into this app to bring you this conclusive scam review. In our research, we collected information from the vena system site and the internet in general. This post is unbiased and is only aimed at educating traders especially those who are joining this market for the first time. It is in your best interest to stay away from this software because it will steal your investment. To conclude this review, we would like to confidently state that this app is a major scam and not worth your time or money. Similar scam systems that are losing significant money for traders are Tesler App, and 10k Every Day app.

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10k Every day App – Not a Trusted Software!

10k Every day App Scam Review

10k Every day App review is an honest post focusing on this new app scam in the binary options market. The binary options trade is highly profitable but is equally risky. Part of the risk is the fact that there are many scam artists that design sites such as 10keverydayapp.com. This is why you need to go through review sites before you commit your finances to any software. As much as the binary options market can make you a solid income, it will not make you a million overnight.

You should learn all the basics of binary options trading because this is the only way you will avoid scam sites that are created to trick traders. If you are new in this financial market, you should pay attention to review posts. We always have investigators looking for new sites which are coming up every day. Scammers are always creating new sites because reviewers are exposing their scam sites every day. The 10k every day app is one of these binary options software frauds that are created to steal money from traders. This 10k everyday app review is focused on exposing all the suspicious elements that we came across in our investigation.

10k every day app scam review

The Truth behind $10k Every Day App scam

The $10k everyday app software is a lame fraud designed by criminals who want a quick buck at the expense of traders. They are hiding a great deal of elements to cover up their fraud. They are promising traders that the $10k every day app will turn them into millionaires within a short period of time. This is a common tactic used across many scams in the binary options market. The only thing you will see on the 10keverydayapp.com site is misleading information that is included to trick traders. If you look at the video presentation, you will see a perfect example of how fraudsters lure in traders into set traps.

Who Owns $10k Everyday App Scam

There is a presenter that explains what the system is all about. Allegedly, the guy’s name is Richard Banks and has a lot of exaggerations. The man goes through the streets shouting the name $10k everyday app and no one seems to care. After some time, he comes across an elderly man that stops to listen to him. This man is just a part of the scam and will say all the right words to make you believe that this system is real. Do not be fooled by Richard’s acting. He is a professional actor who also presented Push Money App. Remember that scam? Read our Push Money app scam review.

10k every day app review scam

The elderly man is called James and is tagged along by the creator of this app to explain that this software works perfectly well. They take the audience through the usual chit chats that are aimed at convincing you to register and make a deposit. His name is not indicated in full and this is suspicious.  The account you will see is fabricated just to try and show the legitimacy of the site. They are hoping that the people who come across the app will not see right through the lies presented by the criminals behind this system.

It is easy to see that this Richard Banks guy is just another fiverr.com actor hired to deliver the message. He is probably reading from a script and does not understand a single thing about binary options trading. This is a common tactic used by scammers who do not want to reveal their faces. If the 10keverydayapp.com was legit, no one would be hiding behind an actor or absurd promises.

The Usual Fake Timer

Our investigators visited the $10k everyday app site to test the features. Once they arrived at the site, they were met by the countdown timer. If you have been going through posts such as the everyday review scam, then you know a little something about such a timer. This is a fake timer that does not work. It just keeps repeating itself as long as the page is refreshed. The aim of this timer is to create a sense of urgency. Once you see that the spots are limited and you are about to lose an opportunity of a lifetime, you will make a quick uninformed decision. You will register and deposit your money without reading app review scam posts. This is exactly what the scammers are hoping for.

How Much Will You Make?

10k every day app scam review

Just like the name suggests, the $10k everyday app is supposed to make you $10,000 every day. The criminals are using fabricated accounts to show you that this statement is real. This $10k is supposed to come from the minimum $250 deposit. Well, if you have been in this market for some time, you will have realize that this is impossible. If you are new, take it from us that making this kind of money every day is a far-fetched dream. The creators of scam sites rely on the fact that new traders do not understand how much they stand to make. They also know that these newbies will be hungry for money and will invest anywhere they see a potential of becoming millionaires within a short period.

There is a bigger problem. To succeed in this financial market, you need to make sure that you are working with a reliable broker. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any broker. It could be that they are using an unlicensed broker that is part of the scam. It could also be that there is no broker and once you make a deposit; your money goes directly to an untraceable account.

10k every day app review scam

10k EveryDay App Review Testimonials and Endorsements

The fact that we did not come across any credible testimonials from traders is a good enough reason to label this site a fraud. If the software was real, there would be multiple traders explaining how successful they have become through the use of this site. There are also no endorsements from reputable traders and organizations.

$10k Every Day App Review Conclusion

This post explains why we think this is a fraud. For the good of your investment money stay away from this system because it is a major SCAM. We just published our Lexington Code updates and trading videos. Check out the detailed review of our evaluation of this software. As of this writing, Lexington Code team has not started charging license fee yet however, they have stopped registrations from the US. Before you lose the opportunity, sign up for this amazing system and start making profits! Click on the banner below to register.

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