Profit Replicator Review: Scam Exposed! AVOID this autotrader!

Profit Replicator Scam Review!!

Profit Replicator Software is a relatively new system in the binary options market based on our thorough review. The system is rapidly becoming popular but not in a good way. We believe the people behind the profit replicator app are trying to make it viral before review sites spot it and expose it for what it is. The reason behind this is so that they can scam as many traders as possible before time runs out on them. What we found out in our profit replicator review investigation is explained in this post. We will highlight all the problems we saw to show you why this is a scam.

The binary options market is a profitable financial market but most people have left it disappointed. The two reasons are that they trade without proper knowledge and frauds. While the basic binary options information is readily available online, frauds have been evolving and becoming more difficult to identify. However, we are always quick to find these frauds and expose them. If you are new in this market, it is important that you learn all the basics and go through similar posts to find out why we say profit replicator app is a scam.

The Truth About Profit Replicator App

Most fraudsters know that the system they are marketing does not work and this is obviously something they would not want you to know. The software they claim to have is bogus and is only designed to steal money from honest binary options traders. All the promises and all the claims are all part of the scam and this is why you should avoid this system. Keep in mind that if the system was as legit as they claim, then they would not need to market their system aggressively.

Who Owns The Profit Replicator App

Profit Replicator Scam Review

If you are interested in finding the owner of the profit replicator app, then you will be disappointed. This is because there will be no human in the video. What you will get is a presentation video with a voice-over of a man who claims to be Michael Griffin. Whoever this individual is, he is making endless promises that are not only crazy, but also impossible. In our exercise with binary options scam sites, we have come to suspect all systems that are presented by a voiceover.

What most people will not know is that these individuals are simply hired voiceover actors. How do you trust a system that hires voiceover actors to act as the owners of the system? The owners are just sitting somewhere waiting for any trader to deposit their money and steal it through the profit replicator app. We do not have a problem with actors, the only problem we have is the fact that they claim they are the owners of these systems. Looking at the image presented and alleged to be that of Michael Griffin you can tell it is a stolen photo from Google. This just shows that profit replicator app is a scam since the alleged owner is a fake.

How Does The Profit Replicator App Work

Profit Replicator Review Scam

First, the biggest lie is that this system has never lost a single trade. In our profit replicator review investigation, we found a claim that it has a clean record with all traders that it executes being clean wins. If you understand the binary options market, you would know that there is no system that is risk-free. No human or robot can perfectly predict price directions consistently. There are losses in any investment you make; it is part of the business.

Michael Griffin goes ahead to say that the profit replicator app is the only trading software that does not lose trades. There are many other frauds that say that they do not lose trades but this cannot be any farther away from the truth. If you ever come across a binary options auto trader that promises risk-free trading, you should probably stay away from it. Even the best auto traders that are legit will manage around 80% accuracy rate and nothing close to 100% as promised by most scam sites such as the The issue is that the evidence they have fabricated to show you how profitable the system has losses in it. So much for the risk-free trading, huh?

How Much Will You Make With Profit Replicator App

Profit Replicator Scam Review

The has a lot of promises that are impossible. They claim that traders will make about $7,250 the first day they start using the system. If you do not make this money, Michael Griffin says that he will personally give you $2000 through PayPal. The problem is that there will be no one making this amount of money in a day. You will also not receive the promised $2k because this is just a tactic used by most scammers in this industry.

The only reason they promise a huge amount of profits is because they know that new traders are their targets. These are traders who have not yet understood how the market works and will fall for the profit replicator scam with the first glance. If you understand the basics, you will quickly know that profit replicator app is scam, and stay away from it. This profit replicator review aims to educate all traders to help protect their money.

Fake Testimonials and Trades Review

Profit Replicator Review Scam

To convince you that the profit replicator scam works, they have evidence of trades. There are fabricated binary options trades that cannot be true according to their no-loss claims. There are testimonials provided by alleged traders and like Mr. Michael, the images you will see are stolen from Google. They are just images attached to cooked comments that are not true. There are also no endorsements or positive scam review posts.

Profit Replicator Review Conclusion

There are so many frauds that we have lost count in the binary options market. The is in the list of these frauds. If you are new in this market stay away from the because it is a major SCAM that will steal your money and not give you any profits. Other viral scam systems to be aware so you can stay away from: Profits Eternity, Dubai Lifestyle App, Aurum Tech, and Millionaire’s BluePrint.

While not all systems are perfect, we have been testing and profiting from Swarm Intelligence. Launched last week, this software has performed impressively. Below are documented Live Trading videos you can check out to see the software in action! Click on the banner below to learn more.

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Swarm Intelligence REVIEW FACTS Revealed – Is Swarm Tech App SCAM Software??

Like with any software, we started off with the question – Is Swarm Intelligence a Scam or is it for Real? In this detailed review, Find All The Answers before Investing Money! Live VIDEO Trading and REVIEW. Is Swarm Tech the most Comprehensive & Profitable App in late 2016?

Swarm Intelligence Scam ReviewThe Swarm Intelligence is a trading software solution in the binary options market. Most people have been asking whether this software is legit. Well, if you read the Swarm Intelligence review post, you will get all the answers you need. For those who are not aware, the Swarm Tech or collective behavior has been used in other niches like to predict sports winnings or horse race winnings like Kentucky Derby. Artificial Intelligence has advanced based on collective A.I. with fast paced everyday projects you can review at Unanimous AI.

Swarm Intelligence System Features

In our investigation, we had to research the features offered by the platform.  One of the most noticeable things is that regardless of how the market is moving, this app will always provide profitable techniques through collective behavior. In our research, we always check what people are saying to understand more about a trading app. However, we also test the app to be sure that what they are saying is true. According to our finding, we believe the software will give you profitable strategies when you are trading.

Swarm Intelligence Scam Review

What you will get from the Swarm Intelligence is hand-picked trades based on chart patterns, resistance and support levels, technical indicators, Fibonacci lines, etc. This software scans the market using 10 different strategies and computes winning trades.  The app ensures that the based on the user SWARM Level, it will only execute trades if 9 or less number of strategies identify the asset as a winner. Using multiple computer algorithms to confirm successful trades through Swarm Technology truly makes this software unique. This is one of the main reasons the Swarm Intelligence signals stand out.

Advantages of using The Swarm Intelligence Binary System

If you are new in the binary options market, you will love using the system. The advantage is that you will not have to understand every little bit in binary options trading. Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter, the creators of the Swarm Intelligence app ensured that the design is user-friendly for all binary options traders including those new to the financial market. Investors at all levels will find ideas that will be helpful in making money while trading. With the help of Money Management built-in tool, users can plan for long-term success.

Swarm Intelligence Review Scam

On the site, you will be in a position to interact with other members.  There will also be experts, which means you will never be alone. The truth is that you will be in the driver‘s seat but if you need any kind of help, the community will have your back. You will also have access to market coverage on all trading days. This includes trading strategies and specific investment information that will help you maximize on the trades.

Reasons Why You Should Join The Swarm Intelligence Software

In our Swarm Intelligence review, we found a number of reasons why you might want to join this effective trading solution:

  • Swarm Tech collective A.I has been in the market for 12 years and has a perfect track record. This is a good sign that this is not scam like the many other sites promising the world.
  • Swarm Tech Trading Platform with 6 different languages.
  • Swarm Level – This system uses the 10 different trading strategies which are pre open strategies. Trader can opt anywhere from 1-9 to arrive at the perfect winning trades.
  • Charting Tool – Uses all effective trading techniques to ensure you are making money. These include technical indicators like support and resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, Moving Average, etc.
  • There are no absurd claims. All numbers you see are realistic.
  • Members can interact with fellow traders and experts in the Swarm Intelligence community.
  • Complete market coverage including strategies, analysis and investment ideas from professionals.
  • Ability to see the Open Trades and Historical Trades on the dashboard itself. Do not need to login to Broker account to check these.
  • Money Management tool to estimate win/losses and portfolio projection.
  • Built-in Economic Calendar to check for news before trading.
  • Swarm Intelligence customer support reachable within the system to address all the system complaints. Or email [email protected]

Swarm Tech Scam Review

Is Swarm Intelligence Software a Scam?

We would like to state this clearly. Swarm Intelligence system is NOT Scam. We can comfortably say that this trading solution is legit and can be used by any stock or binary options trader at any level. In our research, we did not see anything that can be considered phony. Other reason why we say this site is legit is because of the positive review posts. There are many reliable reviews portraying it is a good system which builds confidence.

There is evidence that this system works. This is nothing like the many fraudulent sites that exist in the binary options market. Whatever you see is actually what you get. We had looked at the system a while ago but we had to write the Swarm Intelligence scam review to highlight the features and tell you why it is not a scam.

Swarm Tech Review Scam

Joining Swarm Tech and Taking Advantage of the Offer

Joining the Swarm Intelligence has been simplified. All you need to do is click on the button “FREE ACCESS HERE”. This will give you access to the system for the limited time and after this limited phase the fee for the software, will be $1,999 for a license. We believe you will love what you will see and even without investing a great amount of money, you can experience an increase in profits. Hurry up and take advantage of this offer!

The access to Swarm Intelligence Binary app is FREE. Initial deposit is $250 for most brokers, some have higher deposit amount based on your geographic location. [Sign up Tip]: Use a new email address that has not been used with any other Trading Software or Broker before to avoid any software-broker sync issues.

Swarm Intelligence Review

Swarm Intelligence Review Software Conclusion

If you are looking for information that will help you with your investment, you are in the right place. is a legit trading solution for the stock and binary options market.  The system has proven to make profits even in difficult markets and we believe you can improve your investment. This is NOT a scam.

Based on Elite Club software performance testing, this trading app is a TOP Performer on the short list. Stay tuned as we provide additional information and collate results from members, their feedback, and experience using this product.  Just like any new trading application on offer we need to further examine:

  1. In terms of profitability, does the Swarm Technology trading software consistently deliver over time?
  2. Will the Swarm Intelligence system remain bug-FREE?

Stay tuned for our detailed review & Trading videos on Elite Club YouTube Channel, as we uncover the further FACTS utilizing SwarmTech. Questions? [email protected]

Aurum Tech Review: Repeat Scam!

Aurum Tech Scam Review!!

Aurum Tech Software by Marco Shoemaker is a relatively new binary options trading system. Aurum tech has just started going viral and is making huge promises about the millions you will make within a short period of time. We believe this is happening because they are aggressively marketing the software. Scam sites such as will need to market their products with extra effort. This is because the more traders they reach the money they make. The more the software is known, the more people will realize it is scam software thanks to aurum tech review posts.

The financial market is full of money making opportunities. In the same market, there are many criminals who are only interested in making money and this explains the aurum tech scam. This explains why there are many disappointed traders in this market. Most people come with high expectations of making millions overnight. The scam artists know this and it is why they make crazy impossible promises. Once you deposit your money, aurum tech will wipe your account clean. This simply means there will be no trading, no profits and asking for a refund will be impossible.

The Truth About Aurum Tech

There are a number of things that the criminals behind the aurum tech app will not want you to know. This is because if you know these facts, you will identify the scam behind the The truth that they will want to hide from you is that the system is designed to fail right from the start. With that said, the only people who will be making money are the creators of this aurum tech app. To be on the safe side, you should read the aurum tech review and other review posts. This will give you the information you need to identify a scam and protect your money.

Who Owns Aurum Tech App?

On the site, you will come across a man by the name Marco Shoemaker. This guy claims that he is the head developer and the CEO of aurum tech. he claims that he, together with a team of ex-Wall Street experts created this aurum tech scam. The team comprises of programmers, traders, and engineers. This is allegedly why the innovative system works so well. You should not believe this man because he is not who he says he is.

Aurum Tech Scam Review

Marco Shoemaker is the name this popular actor is using on the aurum tech scam. He has featured in other equally dangerous scams such as the Mirror Trader and Push Money App. We are used to seeing scammers hiring actors from marketplaces such as The main reason is that actors will look and sound more convincing. Other reasons include the fact that the real creators of the scam do not want their faces or names associated with the money-stealing scheme. Well, actors can be hired for the promotional videos but they should not claim to be the creators or owners of the binary options system they are marketing.

How Does Aurum Tech Scam Work?

The video is all about how the team of experts created a great software solution for binary options traders. Allegedly, aurum tech is linked to the stock market. It is supposed to analyze the market and commodity reports to execute winning trades for binary options traders. This is how the software makes a lot of money every day. Beyond this simple explanation, there is no detailed talk about the algorithm or how the app can analyze the market.

Aurum Tech Review Scam

It is a common element in scams to avoid the real talk about how the system actually works. It could be because the aurum tech does not actually work or because they do not have a good enough explanation. How then do they expect you to trust the aurum tech if they cannot tell you how you will be making money? It is important that you gather all the basic knowledge about binary options such as trading and the amount of money you can make in a day. This way, avoiding these frauds will be an easy task.

How Much Will You Make With Aurum Tech Software?

Simply put, there is nothing that will come out of this system. In our aurum tech review, we found out that they are going with the wealth tactic. This is where the actors on the video show you that they are living large from using the binary options auto trader. This is aimed at convincing you to trust aurum tech and deposit your money. There is information that new binary options traders will be making thousands of dollars in a day. They even throw in a jet just to show you that you will be a millionaire within a short period of time.

The scammers know that most traders are interested in the money too much that they forget about the actual methods used to make this money. This is why they give them exactly what they want. They promise high profits within short periods and this is how they scam so many binary options traders.  We recommended that you have solid information about how the binary options market works to avoid falling for lies that can be dispelled with basic information and information from aurum tech review posts.

 Aurum Tech Scam Review Aurum Tech Review Scam

Testimonials and Endorsements

In our aurum tech review, we found testimonials from people who are alleged to be traders using aurum tech. Their identities are attached to the amount of money they have made and their initial deposit. The truth is that these people are not traders. The images you will see are just stolen images from Google. If the system really worked, why would they need to fabricate testimonies? There are also no positive review posts or endorsements from trusted organizations or professional traders.

Aurum Tech Review Conclusion

This review post is as a result of deep investigation and it shows the fraudulent nature of the system. If you have just joined this market, stay away from the site because it is big dirty SCAM software that will steal your money.

Luckily there are few trading systems that generate consistent profits. If you are not expecting to become a millionaire overnight, we invite you to review Code Fibo software that has been making money online with easy to follow system. Below are live trading videos for you to see the app in action before investing. Click on the banner to learn more! Questions? [email protected]

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WikiTrader App Review – Is Wiki Trader TRUSTWORTHY Software?!?!

Wiki Trader Review – Is this a SCAM?!!

The Wiki Trader Software is one with mixed reactions but this scam review post will shed some light on this wiki trader system. Is this a scam like the other binary options systems we have written review posts on or is it a genuine software solution? The wikitrader software is presented by a woman by the name Kelly Wallace. We will have a look at this individual and what she claims to make sure that binary options traders have the right information about the website before they deposit their money.

Our investigators went deep into the site to dig out any useful information. In the wikitrader review investigation, we came across some disturbing information as well as a lot of positive facts. This is why we have stated that there are mixed reactions here. From what we found in our research, we will explain all the details to ensure you clearly see what we saw. Such offers for new comers may look attractive and this is why we insist that you read the wikitrader review before you make any important decisions.

WikiTrader scam review

Wiki Trader Software Presentation

Once you get on the wikitrader website, you will see a presentation video. On the video, Kelly Wallace is explaining why this system is all about. This lady says that people who join the wikitrader program will be in a position to make up to $35,000. Well, as we always say, the binary options market will not make you a millionaire in a short period. However, there is a statement on top of the video that says you will be making $8,600 in a month. Looking at the other legit binary options auto traders, we agree that this wiki trader software is within a reasonable range.

If you are joining the binary options market, you should be aware that any unrealistic promises might be from a scam. You cannot expect to make millions within a few days from the initial investment of $250.

So, How Does The Wikitrader App Work?

WikiTrader review scam

The video has the team that is claimed to be behind this binary options service. They have explained how the wikitrader program is supposed to work. From where we stand, they have tried but the explanation could have used a little bit more information. For this reason, we have decided to add our own explanation for transparency purposes. The explanation on the website states that Wikitrader app is an open source binary options trading platform. The collaborative restructuring and editing of the service by users is the reason it has become more accurate. The algorithms used do not adapt to the financial market but rather create a market.

This explanation is not something most new traders will understand because it seems too technical. Now, the algorithm used by this software scans the market for sentiments and executes trades based on the traders behavior.  This system will, therefore, monitor your trade and go as far as warning you if traders sentiment changes. This information is helpful in reducing losses and can help you apply the Fence trading strategy. This does not guarantee anything but it is a great addition to this algorithm.

Estimated Profits and Accuracy

WikiTrader scam review

According to the information, we gathered in our wikitrader scam review investigation, the profits are simply suggestions. The amount of money you stand to make in a month is not guaranteed. Keep in mind that your potential profit or loss will depend on the amount of money you invest the success rate and the money management strategy you are using. Combining these three elements can greatly improve your chance of making money but nothing is 100% guaranteed since the online trading world is unpredictable.

As stated, Kelly Wallace says that the wiki trader will make you around $8000 per month. If you assume that a month has 20 trading days, this translates to about $400 per day. This is quite reasonable. If you come across any auto trader software scam promising tens of thousands in a day, you should stay away from it. This is because the people behind such auto trader software scam sites are only interested in stealing your money and not giving you a legit trading platform.

As you will discover in upcoming Youtube video’s,  the best trading probabilities and associated market alignment in the context of prime trading sessions can then establish the best trades and ROI achievements . i.e. as an example, trading marketing trends and associated best of times to trade, and of course trading times to avoid.  See the BOEC YouTube  channel for additional trading video’s to assist in help you trade more profitability.

What about The Testimonials?


WikiTrader review scam

What About The Endorsements

We almost blacklisted this trading software service the first time we saw it because it looked like a scam. When we looked at endorsements from binary options traders, we changed our mind. There is nothing that carries weight like what real traders say about a system. There is overwhelming positive endorsements and support for this app. There are many positive review posts and a lot of day traders showing their love for this program. Most of them are saying that they have made a good amount of money through wikitrader.

How to Join Wiki Trader App?

If you are looking for information that will help you with your investment, you are in the right place. WikiTrader App is a legit trading solution for the stock and binary options market.  The system has proven to make profits even in difficult markets. This is NOT a scam. This has our confidence and clearance as a reliable binaryoptions app. Well, as we always say, the binary options market will not make you a millionaire in a short period. However, there is a statement on top of the video that says you will be making $8,600 in a month. Looking at the other legit binary options auto traders, we agree that this wiki trader software is within a reasonable range. On the basis of this product standing on the merits of tested performance alone, BOEC would high five this product. Stay tuned as we provide additional information and collate results from members, their feedback, and experience using this product.  Just like any new trading application on offer we need to further examine:

1. In terms of profitability, does Wiki Trader software consistently deliver over time?
2. Will the WikiTrader system remain bug-FREE?

The access to this app is FREE. Initial deposit is $250 for most brokers, some have higher deposit amount based on your geographic location. [Sign up Tip]: Use a brand new email address to sign up so there are no potential software-broker sync issues.

Wiki Trader

The Wikitrader Review Conclusion

After a close observation of the wikitrader website, we discovered that this might actually be a reliable trading software solution. We cannot say that we trust the system 100% but the massive support it is getting from traders might be a good sign that it is trustworthy. As it is with all new trading methods and platforms, time is the best decider. We will keep a close eye on this system and will provide updates whenever we come across any details that are worth mentioning. In the meantime we recommend it and you might want to open an account with wikitrader since it is a great opportunity to make money. Stay tuned for our exploratory review video, as we unmask the system FACTS utilizing Wikitrader app. Questions? [email protected]

Cash Loophole Review: Viral SCAM Alert!

Cash Loophole Scam Review!!

Cash Loophole Software is a SCAM auto trader in the binary options market that has been going viral for the past few days. The reason this is happening is because the marketing team behind the cash loophole app is working extra hard. All they want is to get to as many traders as they can to steal from them before everyone knows it is a scam. Unfortunately for them, this cash loophole review will highlight all the fraudulent elements they are using to con traders. If you are new in this market, it is imperative that you read this cash loophole review to the end.

The binary options market is one with high potential. However, scams and frauds have given this market a bad name. This is because there are many frustrated traders who have lost their money to criminals in the financial market. The scammers behind these frauds use similar tactics to attract traders to their websites and this is why reading review posts is important. Once you note these tactics, it will be easier to identify these scam sites before you lose your cash.  Reading through this review will tell you why we have labeled cash loophole system a scam.

What You Need To Know About Cash Loophole System

This system is designed to lose trades and take all your money faster than you made it. We have investigated many other similar frauds and their aim is to make cash by stealing it from traders.  Things are not any different for the cash loophole software. In our cash loophole review investigation, we came across a number of suspicious elements that we will highlight in this post to expose the lies behind all the promises and misleading information.

Who Owns The Cash Loophole Scam System?


Cash Loophole Scam Review

According to the information you will find on website, the CEO and founder of cash loophole is a guy by the name Richard Sellars. This is the man you will find talking on the website explaining how the system will be making you a boatload of cash. This man will show you how effective the cash stealing scheme is all in effort to convince you to join and deposit your money. The truth is that he will not be highlighting any important information. He will use the usual tactics of promises of massive wealth.  This is how most traders get scammed.

Richard Sellars is not only known as the fake CEO of cash loophole, he is a known actor. This guy offers his services to different clients and has appeared in a number of scam sites. It does not make sense to give your cash to a hired actor. The people who are pulling the strings behind the scenes do not want to reveal their names or their faces. This is because they do not want to be associated with the cash loophole scam software. In our cash loophole program review investigation, we found out that they are using Richard Sellars because he can use his acting skills to convince traders to deposit their cash. Well, we have no problem with anyone hiring an actor, what we have a problem with is the actor claiming to be the CEO or founder of the system.

How Does The Cash Loophole app Work?

Cash Loophole Scam Review

As expected, we did not see any detailed information explaining the operation of the system. What you will get is details about how your small investment will be turned to a boatload of money. This is what scammers in this industry do. They show traders that they will be making huge profits and avoid the algorithm used by the system like the plague. This is because they clearly understand that the system does not work as claimed on

They will hit you with jaw-dropping offers and promises and not talk about the algorithm that the system uses to make the promised amount of cash. This is a confusion tactic used by fraudsters in different industries. They want you to believe that you can make a great deal of money but do not want to say how this will happen. They know that you will concentrate on the cash and not focus on the methods used.

The Profits Promised By The Cash Loophole Scam Software

All scammers use money to con binary options traders. This is because they know that most new traders believe that they will be overnight millionaires and this is exactly what they promise. In the case of cash loophole, they say that binary options traders will be making $20,000 in a day. This means that in 50 days of trading you will be a millionaire. This could not be any farther from the truth. If you understand this market, you will know that $20,000 in a month is impossible leave a lone in a day. There are many factors that will limit the amount you make especially when you are a newbie.

Cash Loophole Review Scam website is all about cheap talk and absurd promises. This amount of cash attracts many binary options traders who fantasize about making millions within a short period of time. The truth is that even the best legit trading systems cannot make you $1000 a day. The creators of cash loophole go ahead to state that this is a no-risk system. The truth is that there is nothing like a system without a risk. The market is not predictable to a point that predictions can have 100% accuracy.

Testimonials and Endorsements Review

Testimonies are the best way to gauge the legitimacy of a software solution. This is because real binary options traders will talk about it without bias. Unfortunately, there are no genuine testimonials for cash loophole. There are no endorsements from reputable binary options traders or organizations. You will not come across a positive cash loophole review and this simply means this is a fraud.

Cash Loophole Review Conclusion

As our investigators exposed, this is a cash stealing scheme. The creators remain anonymous and the profits promised are absurd and crazy. If you are new in this a binary options market, it is important that you avoid cash loophole because it is a big fat SCAM. While no system is perfect, check out Code Fibo that makes good decent profits consistently. Below are few videos and trading sessions to see the platform in action. If interested, you can click on the banner below to learn more and sign up for FREE software.


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